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Hennepin Healthcare offers pharmacy services throughout our system. Our expert pharmacy team will assist you with all of your pharmacy needs and offer additional support through Medication Therapy Management.

pharmacist with patient in clinic

Medication Therapy Management


At Hennepin Healthcare, we offer a service provided by qualified pharmacists to help you better understand your medications and reach your health goals. Through this service, you will meet privately with the pharmacist in a clinic setting (not at the pharmacy). Our Medication Therapy Management (MTM) providers will review all of your medications with you.  We will work closely with your doctors and other health care providers to make sure your medicines are safe, effective, and providing the best results.

Naloxone medication for opioid overdose

Naloxone, also known as Narcan® is a life-saving medication that can be used to save the life of someone experiencing an overdose from an opioid drug. The experts at Hennepin Healthcare are involved in a number of initiatives to help patients receive the care and pain medications they need, in a safe way. One of these initiatives is to provide access for patients and their caretakers to the life-saving medication naloxone.

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Ask the Pharmacists

This week Denny invited some pharmacist to come in studio, they talk medication, give advice, and take your calls.

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