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Help us build a more just, equitable healthcare system

Let’s build a better future together.

Social and health equity have always been central to Hennepin Healthcare’s mission. But we want to do more — and there’s no better time than right now. That’s why we’ve begun an exciting, new planning process and are asking for your help in the creation of a bold strategy for improving Hennepin Healthcare.

Share Your Insights and Healthcare Needs

We believe that your experiences and perspectives are critical for us to not only understand what needs to evolve, but also to develop radically equitable strategies for the future. That’s why we are seeking your insights, ideas and thoughts as we begin this process.

We are connecting with all parts of our community — including patients, our own team members (employees and staff), local business leaders and elected officials. Throughout this process, we will focus our learning on more deeply understanding the members of our community who have experienced discrimination of any kind or who find it difficult to access healthcare.

Collaboration like this may feel vulnerable or difficult at times. However, it is vital so that we can build a future of health and wellness that works better for all of us. That’s why we want you to know that we are committed to listening, learning and changing — both now and for a more healthful, vibrant future.

Email [email protected] for the survey in your first language.

Our Commitment

In keeping with our commitment to health equity,
diversity, inclusion and belonging, we guarantee:

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Our Plan

Our planning is centered around an equitable approach to community involvement to help us achieve the goal of creating a bold plan that reflects changing needs — and will enable our healthcare system to fully live our mission of providing outstanding care to all, well into our future.

Common Questions

Hennepin Healthcare is excited to begin community engagement and future planning to create a more just and equitable healthcare experience in Hennepin County.

The community served by our healthcare system will be directly engaged to share thoughts, ideas and wishes for how they would like to receive healthcare. Collectively, we will create a vision for the future of Hennepin Healthcare that improves community benefit, access, outcomes and value.

The effort will seek to listen, learn, collaborate and create new systems that integrate future organizational plans with the desires and goals of the diverse and vibrant community we are honored to serve.

This project will specifically welcome and reach out to hourly staff, nurses, our team members of color, patients of color and members of our community that have experienced discrimination or increased barriers when accessing healthcare. Community wisdom means that the lived experiences of patients, team members, families, neighbors and the community at large inform how Hennepin Healthcare services show up to care for people in the ways they both need and want to seek and receive care.

For Hennepin Healthcare to fulfill our mission of delivering equitable care — now and in the future, we must listen and learn from you.

You know your community best. We are seeking to know more about you and your loved ones’ healthcare needs, experiences and challenges — as well as your boldest desires for equitable care.

We understand that you may not be comfortable sharing your thoughts, experiences or ideas with us. We promise to do what is needed to earn your trust.

If you are willing to share your input and ideas, know that this will be carefully considered as we plan for a more just, equitable and responsive healthcare system.

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The pandemic has changed so much about healthcare — from which services are needed and how these services are accessed. The pandemic has also drawn national attention to healthcare disparities that have existed for decades.

It is not likely that healthcare will return to a pre-COVID delivery approach. Instead, we believe we are now at an inflection point — an ideal time to reimagine healthcare by understanding the community’s demand for services, what type of services are needed and the most effective way to deliver those services more equitably and effectively.

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