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provider having video visit with patient

Video Visits

Visit with a provider from the comfort of your own home

For the continued safety and wellbeing of our patients and staff, Hennepin Healthcare is excited to now offer Video Visits as an option for your care. Video visits are a safe and convenient way to receive care for a variety of conditions, and a great way to stay connected to your provider for ongoing care during this time.

What is a Video Visit?

Video Visits are scheduled appointments with your healthcare provider where you connect via the Hennepin Healthcare MyChart mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, or via a camera-enabled laptop or desktop computer browser. Throughout the appointment, you will be able to see, hear and speak to your provider and they will be able to do the same with you, similar to how Apple FaceTime and Skype video calls work.

To find out if a Video Visit is appropriate for you at this time, please call 612-873-6963.

First step: sign up for a MyChart account

You will need an active MyChart account in order to qualify. If you do not have an account, you can register for a MyChart account here, or call 612-873-5600 for help setting one up.

Already have a Video Visit scheduled?

Follow these easy instructions and watch this video to help ensure a successful Video Visit with your provider.

Please note: If you think you have been exposed to Coronavirus (COVID-19), including known contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, OR if you have a fever or cough, please do not try to schedule a video visit. The safest first step to finding out if you need to get tested is by calling 612-873-2922 or sign up for a MyChart account and request an e-visit. You do not need to schedule a video visit for COVID-19 screening or testing.

As always, if you have any health-related concerns or questions, you can always contact Nurse Telehealth at 612-873-6963.

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