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Neuromuscular Pathology

Lab Receiving Hours:

Monday – Friday, 7:00 am – 2:30 pm

The Neuromuscular Pathology laboratory has been providing services for over 40 years by experienced technical and professional staff. All specimens are evaluated by a board-certified neuromuscular pathologist to determine the most appropriate tests for each patient, and a final clinical report is issued with the pathologists’ interpretation of the patient’s neuromuscular disease.


Lab Number: 612-873-2175
After Hours Number: 612-873-3001
Fax: 612-904-4240

Please contact our lab to notify us of all incoming biopsies both when the procedure is initially scheduled and again when the specimen is ready to be delivered. Our laboratory staff and pathologists are happy to answer questions about specimen handling and testing. They can be reached via their respective emails or laboratory phone numbers below.

Lab Request Forms / Instructions

Specimen Preparation Instructionsopens PDF file (PDF)
Neuromuscular Pathology Request Formopens PDF file (PDF)

Our Services

Muscle Tissue

Nerve Tissue

  • Light microscopy
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Electron microscopy
  • Nerve teasing


Muscle and Nerve Biopsies at Hennepin Healthcare

The surgical team at Hennepin Healthcare now offers same-day consults and muscle and nerve biopsies whenever possible. If you are a provider looking to refer a patient to Hennepin Healthcare for a muscle or nerve biopsy, please contact our lab directly at 612-873-2175.

Required paperwork for a biopsy referral:

*Please make sure that the referring provider and the specific muscle or nerve that should be biopsied is clearly indicated!

Neuromuscular Pathology Staff

Our neuromuscular pathologists are board-certified in Clinical Neuromuscular Pathology by the United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties. We evaluate each case thoroughly and strive to incorporate the clinical history, documented exam, serological testing and additional relevant testing with neuromuscular pathology abnormalities to achieve a diagnosis as well as possible differential diagnosis. Additional testing such as immunohistochemistry will be added at the discretion of our neuromuscular pathologists to help increase the yield and specificity of the final interpretation.  Personal consultation is available to clinicians to answer questions about the testing process and patient’s results. Detailed instructions for handling muscle and nerve tissue samples as well as proper fixatives can be requested by calling the lab at 612-873-2175. Our Specimen Preparation Instructions are also available for download.


The results of each of these studies are integrated with the clinical presentation to provide a final interpretation of the patient's neuromuscular disease. Specimens received are processed immediately and a preliminary report is available by phone in 3 days. The final report is typically ready within ten days.

Clinical Laboratory

Labs support of the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of patient clinical conditions.


Full-service lab offering high-quality analyses, biopsies, and products of conception. 

Electron Microscopy

Evaluation of body tissues, light microscopy, and complex staining techniques.

Neuromuscular Pathology

Quality interpretation of neuromuscular biopsy specimens.

Renal Pathology

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Clinical, emergency and forensic toxicology, ethanol and therapeutic drug monitoring.


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