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Community Involvement

Hennepin Healthcare provides healthcare services to patients in our neighborhood clinics and medical center in downtown Minneapolis. But our connections to the community take us well beyond the walls of the hospital or clinics.

Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan - Health Services Plan

As part of the Affordable Care Act, all non-profit hospitals conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) every three years to identify current and emerging top priority health needs in the communities they serve.  Hennepin Healthcare’s most recent CHNA was conducted in 2019 and involved analyzing existing MN, Hennepin County, and HHS quantitative data and gathering qualitative input from a broad range of community and HHS leaders, individuals in front line roles with patients and community members, and patients and other community members. We used a structured prioritization process involving community and HHS participants to review and prioritize the findings. The resulting top priority health need was identified as improved access to culturally responsive care.

At the completion of the CHNA, hospitals create a 3-year implementation plan to address identified needs. To develop the 2020 – 2022 implementation plan, HHS held multiple community listening sessions to help identify dimensions of culturally responsive care and to identify key areas to target for improvement.

The Health Services Plan (HSP) is a unique requirement to Hennepin Healthcare System. Hennepin Healthcare meets this requirement, as well as the CHNA requirement, through a unified assessment and implementation plan.

Download the 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment 2020 – 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment Implementation Plan – Health Services Plan.

Previous Community Health Needs Assessment and Health Services Plan Reports

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2013-2014 Hennepin Healthcare Inc. Health Services Plan and HCMC Community Health Needs Assessment

If you have comments or questions about this report, or if you would like to request a hard copy, please contact Pat Schaffner at [email protected] or 612-873-8558.

Closing the loop

The Hennepin Healthcare Foundation exists to guide and encourage the community to support the mission of Hennepin Healthcare System to provide the best possible care to every patient, search for new ways to improve care, educate health care providers, and ensure access to healthcare for all. Generosity from the community removes barriers to healthcare access, offers aid and comfort to our patient population, ensures a stable, competent workforce and launches community health innovations. We look forward to helping you create an impact that is meaningful to you.