Talent Garden

Inspire and support historically excluded youth to pursue careers in healthcare

Talent Garden programs will make big strides to introduce youth to healthcare jobs. We hope to change the trajectory of their lives and career through:

  • Youth Summits with hands-on activities
  • Mentorship
  • Experience-based learning like job shadowing
  • Paid internships

Why a talent garden?

You can plant a seed, add water and some sunlight. You may get a flower or bloom of some kind, but you’re not going to get an award-winning garden. Instead, you need to pay attention to the needs of the soil, turn the pot to the sun, talk to the plant, nurture it, dance to it, and give it all the love and support it needs in order for it to grow into the best version of itself.

Youth Summits, a six-hour weekend experience at our downtown campus

Watch for 2023 events!

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Talent Garden