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Hospital Administrator, Bill Kreykes and Hillie Prose, Director of Emergency Nursing took a one day tour through the vacated "Old General Hospital" shortly after the move to the new buildings. As they walked through the empty halls and wards there was a sense of loss and sadness.

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Thus began the dream of developing a plan to save the history of the old hospital. Items were tagged and a history manager was hired to organize and preserve written documents of administrative importance – faded papers with political decisions, old newspapers, the blueprints from the 1901 City Hospital, the 1920 MGH Building and the 1964 HCGH to name a few. The collection of photographs and records were found in a small room on the sixth floor of the Old Nurses Home – Harrington Hall.

The first 'Archive Committee' consisting of Hillie Prose, Donna Hoover, Harry Bloomquist and Audrey Kuhne was formed in 1987 to help celebrate the hospital's 100 Year Anniversary. The Service League reserved a basement space for the Museum and it officially opened in 1994.

Thus began the HCMC History Collection which is a lively look at the field of healthcare, general patient care, and medical procedures at the Hennepin County Medical Center.

The collection specifically preserves and represents the History of HCMC and its predecessor hospitals dating from 1887: Minneapolis City Hospital, Minneapolis General Hospital, and Hennepin County General Hospital. Building on our rich history already acquired, we continue to collect the current history of HCMC.

Operations of the Collection are financed by donations and fundraising. In addition to a paid curator, the collection is cared for by volunteers.

Collections and Education

HCMC History

The HCMC History Collection includes artifacts of health care, general patient care, and medical procedures at the Hennepin County Medical Center.

Metropolitan Medical Center

The Metropolitan Medical Center History Collection is dedicated to providing public access as well as preserving and collecting materials and artifacts.

Educational History

There were many types of education programs at the hospitals in Minneapolis. Nursing schools were often unique to the specific hospital.

HCMC Blue Building

915 S 8th St, Minneapolis, MN

The MMC Collection is located in BL.227.
The HCMC Collection is located in BL.226.


Located within Hennepin Healthcare’s HCMC hospital campus in downtown Minneapolis, the Hennepin Medical History Center preserves and shares over a century of hospital history. Visit our public gallery spaces in the lower level of the Blue Building to explore a unique collection of medical artifacts, images, and departmental and nursing school histories.  

Gallery Hours: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm most Thursdays  

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For patients, medical records, or employment inquiries, please access the main website, hennepinhealthcare.org.