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Hitchcock Surgical Society

Encouraging the study, elevating the standards, improving the practice, and advancing the science of surgery.

About the Hitchcock Surgical Society

Founded in 1969 by Claude R. Hitchcock, MD, the Hitchcock Surgical Society exists with the goals of: encouraging the study, elevating the standards, improving the practice, and advancing the science of surgery.

To date, the Society has inducted 226 surgeons dating back to Minneapolis General Hospital’s graduating class of 1955.

Surgeon inductees include graduates of Minneapolis General Hospital and Hennepin Healthcare’s teaching programs as well as, select surgeon-teachers in the larger community who have contributed significantly to the teaching effort by hosting rotations and providing other learning opportunities for residents.

The Society has established a charitable fund within the Hennepin Healthcare Foundation that supports surgery resident research. This fund will help to shape the residents into technically excellent clinicians, researchers, and teachers of the next generation.


Claude R. Hitchcock, MD
Claude R. Hitchcock, MD

Society Officers

Society Officers

  • President: Paul Stahler, MD, FACS
  • Vice President: Greg Gerrish, MD
  • Past President: Marc Osborne, MD
  • Treasurer: Chad Richardson, MD
  • Secretary: Richard Zera, MD, PhD

Philanthropic Support

Philanthropy plays a significant role in the work that we do

The challenging patient base that shapes our surgeons also provides a rich data mine from which residents build research, in keeping with the Society's goals of improving the practice, elevating the standards, and advancing the science of surgery.

Tax-deductible charitable investments help us to shape these young, committed individuals into fine surgeons who can contribute beyond their technical skills.

Click here to donate online to the Hitchcock Surgical Society >

If you'd like to donate by cash or check:

Payable to: Hennepin Healthcare Foundation

Memo: Hitchcock #521

Sent to: Hennepin Healthcare Foundation, 701 Park Ave. LSB.3, Minneapolis, MN 55415


Contact us at [email protected] or 612-873-2810.

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Join us at our 2020 Hitchcock Surgical Society Meeting

Please note: this event is intended for Hitchcock Surgical Society members and Hennepin Healthcare Department of Surgery faculty and residents.

Registration coming soon!

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