Media Contacts

Christine Hill, Media Relations Manager, Public Relations Department
612-873-5719 (desk), 612-919-8711 (cell), 612-421-0130 (media pager)
Email: [email protected]

All media queries, including requests for patient conditions, interviews, or for permission to film or photograph any area of the hospital or clinics must be directed to Hennepin Healthcare’s Public Relations Department.

Find information about the Stillman Conference Room in the Clinic & Specialty Center.

Resources for your stories

Hennepin Healthcare has medical experts available for interviews on a wide variety of topics. Please contact us to arrange for one of them to answer your questions or provide background information for your project or assignment.

Patient Conditions

The first and last name of the patient must be included when requesting a condition. Patient information is protected by State statutes and HIPAA.

Hennepin Healthcare uses the following criteria for determining a patient’s condition:

Critical – Questionable prognosis. Vital signs unstable, not within normal limits. The patient may be unconscious, and indicators unfavorable. Major complications and death may be a possibility.
Serious – Acutely ill with questionable prognosis; vital signs may be unstable, not within normal limits. Indicators questionable, chance for improved prognosis.
Satisfactory – Excellent or good prognosis. Vital signs (pulse, temp, blood pressure) stable, within normal limits. Patient conscious; may be uncomfortable or experiencing minor complications. Indicators (such as mobility, appetite) excellent.
Undetermined – The patient is in the process of being evaluated; condition not available.

If the first and last name of a patient is provided, and the hospital spokesperson responds with: “I have no information for you,” there are several reasons for this response, including that the patient:

  1. Is not a patient at HCMC (or no longer hospitalized).
  2. Has elected not to have any information released regarding his/her hospitalization.
  3. Is in the custody of a corrections/law enforcement agency.

Patient interviews

In adherence to federal and state laws and ethical obligations, Hennepin Healthcare does not release patient information without proper authorization. Safeguarding the confidential information our patients entrust to us is essential for the provision of exceptional medical care.

Please understand that all reporters and photojournalists must be escorted by a representative from Hennepin Healthcare’s Public Relations Department when on medical center property. Even if a patient plans an interview with a reporter, it is still dependent on approval from the medical staff and a Public Relations representative before final arrangements will be made.