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Minnesota Poison Control System warns of rise in methanol exposure from hand sanitizers

The Minnesota Poison Control System is echoing the recent warning issued by the FDA about the dangers of hand sanitizers containing methanol.

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National Poison Prevention Week, March 20-26

The Minnesota Poison Control System and Safe Kids Minnesota offer safety tips and practical suggestions for families.

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Food prep tips for a healthy Thanksgiving meal

Thanksgiving is a time for families and friends to enjoy a meal together, but also a time of year that is associated with food poisoning.

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Cold weather increases risk for carbon monoxide poisoning

With home-heating season near, the risk of dangerous exposures to carbon monoxide (CO) increases — but these exposures can be prevented.

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Poison Prevention Tips for Child Safety

The Minnesota Poison Control System and Safe Kids Minnesota are offering simple suggestions to keep children safe.

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Glow sticks: safe to wear – but not to eat!

Glow sticks, bracelets, and necklaces have become part of the Halloween experience. These toys are cheap, portable, and emit a colorful glow making them perfect to increase visibility of children while trick or treating.    A glow stick consists of a small, fragile plastic or  glass vial containing a chemical activator housed inside a larger…

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