Hennepin Regional Poison Center recommends new Poison Help app

The Hennepin Regional Poison Center Recommends the New Smartphone “Poison Help” App

The newly released “Poison Help” iPhone app from the American Association of Poison Control Centers provides Minnesotans with easy access to the Hennepin Regional Poison Center when faced with a poisoning emergency. Users also receive tips on how to prevent poisonings.

It will help users get in touch with the expert nurses, pharmacists, or doctors at their poison center who can help them with a poisoning emergency or question.

Use the “Poison Help” app to contact poison center experts immediately, because in a poisoning emergency, there’s no time to waste. The iPhone app is available now at www.mnpoison.org or search “Poison Help” through your app marketplace.  This app will be available for Blackberries, Droids and the Windows 7 platform in the coming months.

If you have questions about poisons, or you believe you’ve been exposed to something that could be bad for you, call the Hennepin Regional Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222 or just touch the Poison Help icon on your newly downloaded app.