Bernie the Rescue Dog embarks on a medical career at HCMC

Bernie the Rescue Dog embarks on a medical career at HCMC
When things are “ruff,” he knows how to “heal”

Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) has something new to “wag” about – he’s Bernie the Rescue Dog! On Wednesday, June 22, Bernie the Rescue Dog joins the ranks of doctors embarking on residency training at the Level I Pediatric Trauma Center. He’s already completed his hospital orientation, and can’t wait to begin his official rounds.

Bernie the Rescue Dog begins his hospital rotations at 8:30 AM on Wednesday, June 22, 2011, after he arrives in an HCMC ambulance (one of the “strange, square trucks with red flashing lights” that Bernie witnessed rescuing  people when he was just a young pup – see his story here) at the Emergency Department. At 6 feet, 2 inches tall and at times weighing nearly 200 pounds, the adorable St. Bernard is hard to miss and is already heads (and tails) above his class.

What:             Bernie the Rescue Dog’s arrival at HCMC

When:          8:30 AM, Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where:           730 S. 8th St. Emergency Department entrance, HCMC

When he’s unleashed from his resident duties, Bernie will be boning up on his studies, sniffing around at community events or making tracks to visit the children in the pediatric areas. In fact, HCMC is so impressed with Bernie that they plan to use his paw prints as wayfinding tools to help patients and visitors find various hospital locations.

Being helpful is what Bernie St. Bernard is all about. He comes from a long line of rescue dogs committed to helping people – a pedigree that has groomed him for a career in pediatrics.

“We’re so excited to have Bernie on our pediatric care team,” says Chief of Pediatrics Dr. Julie Joseph-Di Caprio. “I’m already impressed with his natural instinct for caring for our young patients. He seems to have a nose for the job, and has quickly adjusted to life at the hospital. I expect it won’t take Bernie very long to be completely hospital-trained.”

To celebrate Bernie’s official arrival, hospital staff will be treated to bone-shaped doggie treats (cookies) in the cafeteria during a meet-and-greet over the noon hours. Thanks to funding from Hennepin Health Foundation, Bernie the Rescue Dog will appear at HCMC clinics and community events to promote HCMC’s pediatric programs during his pediatric residency at the Level I Pediatric Trauma Center.

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