Jack Jablonski surgery on Wednesday, January 4, 2012

by Hennepin Healthcare

Statement from the neurosurgeons at Hennepin County Medical Center about Jack Jablonski’s surgery:

“Jack Jablonski’s surgery went very smoothly, and we accomplished the necessary goals which were to assess and stabilize his spinal column to prevent further injury and allow for rehabilitation. Unfortunately, our pre-operative diagnosis was confirmed intra-operatively when we visualized the obviously horrific injury to his spinal column as a result of neck vertebrae dislocation and fractures (C5-6 dislocation fracture and a C6 fracture). An injury to the spinal cord of this nature results in severe neurological dysfunction and often leads to the inability to move the arms and legs.

“Spinal cord damage of this type is irreparable with surgery; however, Jack is young, strong and determined, and has excellent support from family, friends and the community. This support is essential to helping him recover from surgery and continue with the therapies he will require when he goes home.”

Dr. Thomas Bergman, Chief of Neurosurgery, HCMC
Dr. Walter Galicich, Neurosurgeon, HCMC

At 1 p.m. today there will be an opportunity to ask Dr. Walter Galicich questions about Jack’s surgery. Media can enter the hospital at 717 S. Sixth St. at 12:45 p.m. (HCMC’s Purple Building) and someone will bring you to the news conference. Family members will not be available for interviews.