Morning sickness? Ginger spice might help!

Dr. Virginia Lupo

Dr. Virginia Lupo

Thanks to a frenzy of hormones, many women have some sensation of nausea early in pregnancy (which may even be worse when expecting twins). Some women find that eating manages to “quiet” their stomach and they actually gain a lot of weight early on in their pregnancy, but others may feel averse to eating anything during the first few months.

“The simplest thing to try is ginger,” explains HCMC’s Chief of OB/GYN Dr. Virginia Lupo. “Foods with ginger — ginger snaps, any kind of ginger candies, or even ginger ale may be helpful in keeping nausea at bay.”

Dr. Lupo also says that taking 25 milligrams of vitamin B6 four times a day may help. For the unfortunate moms who experience nausea that keeps no foods down and when dehydration is a threat, medications and IV therapy are needed.

“Rarely does sickness during pregnancy become this severe; however, occasionally women may even require home IV therapy, sometimes for a few weeks.”

Good nutrition is essential for the health of moms and babies, so staying in touch with their obstetrician is very important and expectant moms should call their clinic if they are having concerns.

Dr. Lupo says the good news is that almost always the nausea eventually subsides, and appetite returns.

“And most pregnant women are so hungry that they’re ready to take food off their own – and other peoples’ – plates.”

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