Poison Help in Every Home

by Hennepin Healthcare

Poison Help

National Poison Prevention Week 2013 is March 17-23

Fact 1: 92% of exposure calls to the Minnesota Poison Control System are safely managed in the residential setting

Result: Savings of $23 million in unnecessary health expenses

Fact 2:  Calls are answered immediately by Pharmacists Certified as Specialists in Poison Information

Result:  Fast, accurate, reliable answers to questions regarding medications, poisonings, and toxic exposures

Fact 3:  81% of callers surveyed by the Minnesota Poison Control System stated if they did not know or have the Poison Help number, they would call 911 or seek physician care immediately

Result:  Know and have the Poison Help 1-800-222-1222 number available to avoid needless transports to emergency departments, urgent care, and clinics

Fact 4:  When calling 1-800-222-1222 from a Minnesota landline or cell phone, you will be directly routed to the Minnesota Poison Control System located at Hennepin County Medical Center

Result:  You get up to date recommendations by healthcare professionals who have established relationships with health care providers and facilities Statewide

Do you have Poison Help in your home? If not, its time.

Be prepared; add 1-800-222-1222 to your home or mobile phone.  If you have an iPhone you can download a free Poison Help application from the iStore.

Go to www.mnpoison.org for more information about the Minnesota Poison Control System