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Read Jessie’s story

Jessie Krone is incredibly thankful for her children. Her youngest daughter was born by C-section after a traumatic car crash.

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clinic and specialty center building exterior, specialty center tour, tour with dr hilden, video walking tour of clinic and specialty center, building opening, rehabilitation department tour

Clinic & Specialty Center – Rehabilitation Department Video Tour

Join Dr. David Hilden on a video walking tour of the Rehabilitation Department within our beautiful new Clinic & Specialty Center.

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dr dana rae barr with young patient with dyslexia, dyslexia, misbehaving in school, undiagnosed learning disability, brain wiring issue, dyslexic, dana rae barr md, pacer center, dr sally shaywitz

He has dyslexia?

When your child is not making academic progress or having “behavior” problems in school, he may have an undiagnosed learning disability.

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young couple with their newborn baby, birth center patient experience, birth center interview, certified nurse midwives, first child birth, birth delivery support, kyrsten

The Birth Center – Patient Experience Interview with Kyrsten

We interviewed Kyrsten and her husband to learn more about their experience at the Birth Center during Kyrsten’s birth of her first child.

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father with hand on son's shoulder explaining why there is violence in the world, helping kids learn about violence, mass violence, how to talk to your child about violence, how parents talk about violence, explaining why people hurt others, dr lidan gu, behavioral difficulties, ADHD, autism

How to talk to your kids about mass violence

Young children may not know or understand, but they can sense distress. Parents can manage their reactions and affect how children react.

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rehabilitation for burns, chris leatherdale, laser surgery for burns, rehab center for burn patients, burn patient, miland e knapp rehabilitation center

Read Chris’s story

Chris Leatherdale has been through a lot. He was taken to HCMC after suffering burns while saving his horses that were trapped in a barn fire.

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kristen wiik, separation anxiety, preschool or daycare anxiety, stomach aches, nausea, transition to school time

Separation anxiety and your preschooler – what can parents do?

Fall often brings changes in school routines for kids going to preschool or daycare, transitions that can be filled with tearful goodbyes.

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clinic and specialty center pharmacy, csc pharmacies, retail pharmacy, dispensing robotics, enhancing patient experience, mike pitzl

Pharmacy services designed to enhance care in the Clinic & Specialty Center

As we introduce areas of the new Clinic & Specialty Center, we take you to one of the busiest and most important areas – the pharmacy.

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latino family, national hispanic heritage month, aqui para ti program, latino youth, family centered, privacy of latino youth, parallel care, dr. maria veronica svetaz

The best for healthy Latino youth

As it is National Hispanic Heritage Month we’re celebrating the Aqui Para Ti program at the Whittier Clinic.

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elderly man's feet and cane, fall injuries, senior population, traumatic brain injuries, reduced mobility, risk of falling, stepping on, a matter of balance, tai ji quan exercise, julie philbrook rn dnp man mal

Falling is not a normal part of aging

Falls are the leading cause of injury and death among those aged 65 and older. Older adults are treated in emergency departments every year.

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woman with elbow pain, rheumatoid arthritis, musculoskeletal disorders, neck and back pain, immune system disorders, tendinitis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, Dr. Linh Ngo, DO, RHMSUS, chronic pain

Is your pain weather sensitive?

It’s important to talk to your doctor about pain, especially if it feels severe, and persistent and lasts for more than a few weeks.

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clinic and specialty center illustration of building, naming rights, gift agreement, naming opportunity, donor recognition, specialty center donor opportunities, hhf, hennepin healthcare foundation

Donors inspired by Clinic & Specialty Center naming opportunities

The construction of the Clinic & Specialty Center has opened doors for donor recognition opportunities at a scale previously unavailable.

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completed clinic & specialty center & pharmacy building, specialty center construction, video tour with dr david hilden, services in one facility, 2018 completion date, streamlined care, clinic & specialty center & pharmacy

New Clinic & Specialty Center video tour with Dr. David Hilden

Construction on the HCMC Clinic & Specialty Center is moving along at a rapid pace, and we’re on track to open on March 26, 2018.

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highway, shannon kerr, car accident, critical condition, coma, brain injury patient

Serious car crash impacts family in more ways than one

Shannon Kerr was driving, with her two girls secured in the back seat. They were on their way to get a puppy. Then, something happened.

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dr david hilden holding a microphone at the state fair, mn state fair, hcmc at the fair, hcmc at the great minnesota get together, healthy matters with dr david hilden, hcmc burn center at governor’s fire prevention day, bernie the rescue dog, minnesota state fair

HCMC at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair

Going to the MN State Fair? Check out the following events and get together with HCMC at the Great Minnesota Get-Together.

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charlene barron on her bike on a flooded road, ironman triathlete, bicycle accident, severe traumatic brain injury, charlene barron, dog run fundraiser, dr uzma samadani, sarah goullaud, dog run at baker park, neck strengthening research

Family, friends of 9-time Ironman Triathlete hold fundraiser to support brain injury research

Charlene had long been a dedicated runner, biker, and swimmer who would eventually run more than 40 marathons.

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35w bridge collapse emergency medicine team, 35w bridge, 35w bridge collapse, first responders, rescue efforts, emergency response, emergency physicians, john hick, joe clinton, doug brunette, and bill heegaard

10 years later: 35W Bridge Collapse

Heroes come in all forms. While we remember the rescue efforts after the 35W Bridge went down, our thoughts are with those who didn’t make it.

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young pregnant woman with her partner holding her belly together, life-changing experience, place to give birth, birth plan, postpartum support, prenatal support, lowest C-section rate, dr tara gustilo, dr laura nezworski, natural birth, pain management options

A natural, life-changing event

Birth is an intimate and life-changing experience. We sat down with two doctors to learn more about The Birth Center.

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man yawning at work, sleep apnea, daytime fatigue, low energy, trouble concentrating, sleep disorders, Ranji Varghese, MD, minnesota regional sleep disorder center, sleep center, STOP-Bang Sleep Apnea Test, untreated sleep apnea

Are you at risk for sleep apnea?

Are you tired during the day? Is your energy low? Do you have trouble concentrating? Your challenges could be due to nighttime troubles.

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woman sneezing into a tissue, why do females pee when they cough, urine leakage, urinary problems, incontinence in women, Anne Remington, MSN, APRN, CNP, CURN, urologist for women

Ladies…do you pee when you sneeze?

About one in every three women over the age of 45 experience urine leakage. It is common and can be distressing, but it is treatable.

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