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Happy female toddler in backseat car seat getting belted in by adult, passenger safety, child passenger safety, law, car seat, seat belt

New Minnesota law gets stricter on child passenger safety

Minnesota has recently passed a new child restraint law which may change the way your children travel within a vehicle.

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child with adult playing with blocks in a classroom environment

Autism in children: What is it and how can you help?

Autism affects about 1 in every 36 children and symptoms can vary. Parents can help by talking to a provider as soon as they have concerns.

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reagan lennes with caregiver, Ten years after a traumatic elevator accident, teen returns to the PICU to say thanks, Reagan Lennes, head crushed in an elevator, traumatic facial injuries, LifeLinkIII, helistop, PICU, pediatric trauma, Level I Trauma Center, dr lance svoboda, LaChell Gatlin, michelle erickson

Ten years after a traumatic elevator accident, a teen returns to the PICU to say thanks  

Ten years after Reagan Lennes’ traumatic accident, the 15-year-old walked back into Hennepin Healthcare to thank her caregivers.  

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mother and teenage daughter talking at the dining table, talking to teens about the hard stuff, how to talk to teens, tips for talking to teens, supporting teens, raising teens, parent-teen relationship

Talking to teens about the hard stuff

It’s not easy talking about sex, drugs, violence and other difficult topics with our teens. These tips offer ways to help support your teen.

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mother and daughter posing together outside, onset of puberty, guidance from parents, sense of identity, teen guidance, adolescents, teen relationships, parent-teen relationship, raising a teen, boundaries for a teen, guidance for a teen

The crucial role of parents during teen years

Parents and caregivers play a crucial role in the lives of adolescents. Guidance is key to helping teens navigate this time in their life.

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Featured Pet Therapy, pet therapy, comfort dogs, therapy pet visit, pet therapy visit, stress-reducing pet therapy, volunteer, dog Checkov, Siberian husky, EMS, Diane Prange, Bill Lozito, inpatient pediatrics, poison center, VA

Volunteer in pet therapy and spread joy with your fur baby

A therapy animal is a specially trained animal that partners with its human handler to bring joy, comfort, and companionship.

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Nicu Nurse Mai Stigen, nicu nurse, critical care patients, daisy award winner, bereavement program, now I lay me down to aleep, NILMDTS, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

How a NICU nurse is supporting her team and helping grieving families heal

Caring for the most critical patients gives me the greatest amount of joy as a NICU nurse, says Mai Stigen.

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teen girl with mom looking at smartphone together, spending time with your teen, teen support system, healthy relationship with parent and teen

Connection and a lasting relationship with your teen

To build a healthy relationship with your teen, spend time with them and get to know their friends and support system.

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couple holding hands outdoors in a meadow, world sexual health day, safe sexual health experiences, safe sex, consent

World Sexual Health Day: Consent

Consent helps people understand and respect each other’s boundaries. It not only applies to sex but any interaction between two people.

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four teens on a basketball court with serious expressions and behavior looking at the camera, troubled teen behavior, rebellious teen, harmful behavior, typical teen, adolescent behavior

Is it typical or troubled teen behavior?

Being a teenager is a complicated time, and it can be hard to tell what changes are typical from those that are harmful.

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Mikayla Nicu reading a book, neonatal intensive language program, reach out and read, childrens books, read to in their native language, multilingual books

Volunteers read stories to NICU babies in their own language

Aside from all the noise of machines in the NICU, babies are hearing another sound, too – children’s books read in their own language.

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Female Defending Basketball From Opponent, teen sports, teen sports physical, teen heart health, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Heart Association

Keeping young, healthy hearts in the game

Sports participation teaches valuable lessons about teamwork, expands social networks, and boosts the self-esteem of children.

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Father Son Supportive Bond, bullying, teen substance abuse, teen drug addiction, adolescent drug addiction, teenage bullying

Caregiver support: Essential for teens coping with bullying and substance abuse

Bullying and substance abuse are often on a caretaker’s mind when raising children from adolescents into adulthood.

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The skill of listening to teens

Listening to teens is crucial in building open and trusting relationships, as well as setting young folks up for success.

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transgender gender affirming care, gender affirming care, gender affirming treatment, transition of transgender and non-binary individuals, support for transgender and non-binary individuals

Gender-affirming care: What is it?

Gender-affirming care supports the transition of transgender and non-binary individuals to their gender identity.

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parent with teen lounging on couch, teen relationships, how to discuss teen relationships, unhealthy teen relationships, tips on how to talk about teen relationships

Healthy relationships with your teen

When we sit down with our teens to talk about an unhealthy relationship, a discussion about healthy relationships can be had without strife.

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national adolescent health month logo, teen mental health, national adolescent health month, adolescent mental health, mental health of youth

National adolescent health month highlights ways to support youth

The National Adolescent Health Month™ recognizes adolescent strengths, promotes meaningful activities, and good adolescent health.

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young boy with speech therapist, speech disabilities in children, communication disabilities in children, therapy for childhood language disabilities

Know the early signs of speech and language disorders in children

Early referrals to speech-language pathology services can ensure children receive therapy when they are most capable of making improvements.

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child opening window, fatal injuries for children, open windows safety hazard, safety for small children, prevention and safety for children

Windows open opportunities for falls

Open windows also open the opportunity for a child to fall out of a window and experience serious – and sometimes fatal – injuries.

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pregnant teen holding her belly, teen pregnancy, pregnant teens, baby blues for pregnant teens, teenage pregnancy, mental health support for pregnant teens

Teen pregnancy and mental health

For teens, pregnancy can impact their mental health in drastic ways that differ from older pregnancy experiences.

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