“Working for a better world tomorrow”: Compass Program Cohort A graduates

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On December 20, 1,750 team members graduates from the Hennepin Healthcare Health Equity Compass Program.

Cohort A started their health equity journey with the Compass Program in January 2023. Cohort B followed behind, starting in July 2023 with 1,750 team members. Cohort C, the newest group, started the program at the beginning of this year.

The Compass Program challenges team members to wrestle with the weight of our racist history while examining how it manifests itself in our healthcare system and daily work. Through instructor-led training and pod meetings, team members are faced with conversations to recognize and challenge their personal biases and explore other perspectives.

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Graduates received a physical Credly badge and wild rice from White Earth. As the program has been conducted virtually throughout the year, many participants got the chance to meet with their Health Equity Educators in person for the first time and connect with other fellow team members in their pod.

Also present at the graduation were other Health Equity department team members with whom graduates could talk and learn more about their work and impacts.

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Graduates had the opportunity to leave handwritten reflections on their year-long journey. Read some of them below.

Content Compass Graduation6“The Compass Program was really eye-opening, especially the MN history that isn’t taught in schools.”

“Thank you to the Compass Program Educators for this year’s rich experience! I learned that I am empowered to speak up when I notice someone negatively treating others because of race and how important it is to support victims. Our department continues to gather weekly to expose ourselves to the beauty of different cultures. I also plan to continue on my self-learning journey. So much gratitude.” – Jessica M.

“The program was great! We need to continue reflecting on the racial and inequity issues to make a safe environment for everyone.”

Content Compass Graduation5“I was not sure about this program when I first started. However, I was so impressed with the leaders and the Educator Team. They really made me understand some history I did not know about. Great job!”

“This was a great experience. Working for a better world tomorrow.” – Randy W.

“The Compass Program has inspired me to always keep learning with an open heart and mind.”

“I am so thankful for all the knowledge given to us through the Compass Program. Reflecting on my earlier education, I’m disappointed that the “truth” was not given then. Thank you again for everything, and I pray many eyes will be open to the true history of the United States.” – Laura K.

To learn more about the Compass Program, visit the Hennepin Healthcare Equity Compass Program webpage.