Patient Billing

About My Bill

You are responsible for paying any balance left on your account after insurance, which may include co-payments, deductibles, co-insurance, and services not covered. In most cases, you will receive one bill which will list your hospital and physician services.

Paying My Bill

Insured Patients – Patients with insurance will receive a bill for any balances that are determined your responsibility by your insurance company, which may include co-pays, deductibles, non-covered services, and coinsurance balances.
Uninsured Patients – Patients without insurance will receive a bill for the total charges minus any Hennepin Plan discounts if applicable.

Visit us at our downtown campus for payments and billing questions

Clinic & Specialty Center, Financial Counseling Office: 1st floor, Mon-Fri 8am – 4:30pm
Shapiro building: 1st floor S1.143 Mon-Fri 8 am - 4:30 pm

Pay by phone and billing questions

Please contact us at 612-873-3073, or toll free, 1-800-495-4915, Monday - Thursday 8am - 8pm, and Friday 8am - 4pm.

What Your Payments Are Used For

The payments Hennepin Healthcare receives from patients or their insurance companies or public programs are used to keep our medical center and mission alive. Hennepin Healthcare is owned and operated by Hennepin Healthcare System, Inc., a public subsidiary corporation owned by Hennepin County. Most of our funding comes from payments for health care services.

What If I Am Unable to Pay My Bill?

Financial struggles should not prevent you from seeking or receiving care. At Hennepin Healthcare, we are committed ensuring access to health care for all, and we will work with you to make sure you are able to achieve health and wellness.

Insured Patients

If your medical bills are hardship even after your health care insurance has paid their share of your medical costs, please let us know. We will help you explore your options and find a solution that provides you with financial peace of mind. Please call a financial counselor today at 612-873-2767.

  • Payment Plans
    You may be able to establish a payment plan, allowing you to pay for your healthcare services in smaller, more manageable amounts over time.
  • Hennepin Care Discount after Insurance
    If you would otherwise qualify for the Hennepin Care financial assistance program, you can meet with a financial counselor to determine if a Hennepin Care discount should apply after insurance.

Uninsured Patients

If you are uninsured, please contact a financial counselor today at 612-873-2767. We offer a variety of services that may help you pay for your healthcare expenses. Find more information if you do not have insurance.

Hospital-Based Clinics

Many insurance plans pay for health care services provided in a hospital-based clinic differently than those provided in a doctor’s office. Your insurance may require that you meet your annual deductible and/or require that you pay a percentage of the bill rather than just an office visit co-payment. You should check with your insurance company if you have any questions. Read our FAQs about hospital-based clinics to learn more.

About My Bill

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