Patient Billing

Discounted Care for Eligible Patients

As part of our mission to ensure access to health care for all, Hennepin Healthcare provides discounted care to eligible patients and families through a financial assistance program called Uncompensated Care.

Uncompensated Care

If you are not eligible for coverage through the MNsure marketplace, you may qualify for Uncompensated Care.

Uncompensated Care provides a range of discounts on care based on your family size and annual household income. Uncompensated Care is NOT health insurance. The discounts you receive are only available at Hennepin Healthcare. Uncompensated Care covers most healthcare services.

If You Don't Qualify

If you do not have health insurance coverage and do not qualify for our Uncompensated Care discount program due to your income level, you will be eligible for the Self-Pay Discount. This discount is available to all uninsured patients who are paying directly for their healthcare services. Patients on this program are required to pay an estimated payment or self-pay deposit prior to or at the time of service and are billed at a discounted amount for any additional charges. This discount will be applied automatically and may vary depending on the location of your service. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 612-873-3073 for more information.

Uncompensated Care Eligibility Guidelines

Are You Eligible?

Eligibility Details

  • Before being approved for Uncompensated Care, you must apply for all available insurance coverage and complete the program application. Apply using the application on this page or online via Hennepin Healthcare MyChart.
  • Your assets must be no greater than $3,000 for individuals or $6,000 for families to qualify for a discount on inpatient charges.
  • Your annual family income must not exceed a certain amount for your family size. See the tables. As part of the application process for Uncompensated Care, adjustments may be made to the maximum income level based on your current medical debt.
Maximum Income Levels

Uncompensated Care Maximum Income Levels

  • Family size: 1, Monthly income: $4,860.00
    Annual income: $43,740.00
  • Family size: 2, Monthly income: $4,930.00
    Annual income: $59,160.00
  • Family size: 3, Monthly income: $6,215.00
    Annual income: $74,580.00
  • Family size: 4, Monthly income: $7,500.00
    Annual income: $90,000.00
  • Family size: 5, Monthly income: $8,785.00
    Annual income: $105,420.00
  • Family size: 6, Monthly income: $10,070.00
    Annual income: $120,840.00
  • Family size: 7, Monthly income: $11,355.00
    Annual income: $136,260.00
  • Family size: 8, Monthly income: $12,640.00
    Annual income: $151,680.00
How to Enroll

Enrolling in Uncompensated Care

To enroll in Uncompensated Care you must complete an application. If you are unable to submit an application online, applications can be emailed to [email protected], faxed to 612-873-1998, or mailed to Hennepin Healthcare, G9 Financial Counseling, Minneapolis MN 55404.

Once you are enrolled in Uncompensated Care, you will be asked to renew your application every year.