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The best in brain injury rehabilitation

Congratulations to the TBI Outpatient Program for successfully completing their three-year renewal of accreditation from CARF.

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Two Hennepin Healthcare teams, recognized by Minnesota Hospital Association, Clinical and Quality Innovation Award 

Two Hennepin Healthcare teams recognized by Minnesota Hospital Association

The Minnesota Hospital Association awarded Hennepin Healthcare for Clinical and Quality Innovation and Community Collaboration.

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patients and family in hospital room, ECMO, burn, Stevens Johnson Syndrome, TENS, SJS, allergic reaction, Allergic reaction, lifesaving ECMO intervention, Stevens Johnson Syndrome, ECMO machine, mastectomy

Allergic reaction takes her breath away, requires lifesaving ECMO intervention

June 22, 2023, is a day Jodie Straub does not remember, but one her sister, Dawn Thompson, will never forget.

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hennepin ambulance, translation app called Jeenie, language barriers, interpretation services, emergency communication, hennepin paramedics

Hennepin EMS pilots app that connects to an interpreter with the push of a button

When you’re experiencing an emergency, what do you do when a paramedic doesn’t speak the same language as you?

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Overwhelming success with virtual care

Like many Speech-Language Pathologists, Helen Mathison shifted to seeing patients virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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wild rice from leech lake band of ojibwe member, leech lake band of ojibwe, population health, food assistance, meals for patients, food insecurity

Hennepin team members connect with Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe

Native American elder and three chairs of the Hennepin Healthcare American Indian Collective reach out to Population Health for assistance.

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integrative medicine staff holding heals on wheels sign, heals on wheels program, whole person care at home, holistic care at home, integrative care in community

Heals on Wheels provides whole person care

The Heals on Wheels program at Hennepin Healthcare centers around the concept that sometimes we must meet patients where they are.

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digital navigator illustration, digital equity in healthcare, digital literacy skills, digital literacy challenges, digital navigators, help with technology

Digital equity in healthcare

We know that some of the populations we serve at Hennepin Healthcare have challenges when it comes to digital literacy and access.

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woman holding bushel of kale at farmer's market, preserving food for winter, tips for saving nutrients in food, dr kate shafto, healthy food, nutrition

‘Putting up’ fall foods

Integrative Internal Medicine Physician, Dr. Kate Shafto, teaches us how to make our fall harvest last throughout the winter.

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pediatric mobile van, mobile clinic brings health care to patients' doors, mobile van healthcare, routine vaccines, pediatric mobile health team, childhood immunizations, bridge a healthcare gap

Mobile clinic brings health care to patients’ doors

A three-year-old patient was behind on her vaccine appointments, and had a history of seizures and some missed appointments.

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woman smiling and reading a book, find your me time, recognize and reduce your stress, COVID-19 has negatively impacted mental health, practice gratitude, relaxation technique

Find your ‘me time’

Everyone feels and reacts to stress in different ways. Stress is the way your mind and body react to a threat or a challenge.

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aida strom with two community leaders, voices of hennepin healthcare: aida strom, health equity community engagement program manager, sisseton wahpeton dakota oyate, historical trauma, dr talee vang

Voices of Hennepin Healthcare: Aida Strom

Aida Strom envisions a collaborative healthcare model built with the histories and hopes of those it serves.

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dr hilden interviewing his colleague dr meghan walsh in the studio, healthy matters podcast off to healthy start, hilden's house calls, dr meghan walsh, best to protect you and your family, episodes about covid-19

Healthy Matters podcast off to healthy start

The Healthy Matters Podcast is now live on all podcast platforms! After launching just two weeks ago, it has reached over 1,400 downloads.

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rebecca wearing a mask and posting a community flier, voices of hennepin healthcare, rebecca thomas, elliot park neighborhood, advance health equity in healthcare, systemic change in healthcare

Voices of Hennepin Healthcare: Rebecca Thomas

Rebecca Thomas shares the importance of holistic and trusted programs that are guided by community conversations.

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woman outside tying her running shoes, walk with a doc, promote healthy movement, community walks with a doctor, take steps towards a healthier lifestyle, improves brain function

Walk with a Doc

The Integrative Health team has joined the international non-profit organization Walk with a Doc to promote healthy movement.

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semora murrell, at teh welcome desk, voices of hennepin healthcare, semora murrell, we are the face of hennepin healthcare, working within a highly diverse community, different backgrounds

Voices of Hennepin Healthcare: Semora Murrell

When you walk into Hennepin Healthcare, you may be lucky enough to meet Semora Murrell, a welcome services representative.

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jennifer decubellis walking in skyway with patient, voices of hennepin healthcare, jennifer decubellis, ceo, community needs, planning for future healthcare

Voices of Hennepin Healthcare: Jennifer DeCubellis, CEO

Hennepin Healthcare recently launched a planning process to advance health equity  within its system to improve care for the entire region.

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covid-19 vaccine graphic, dr caitlin eccles-radtke, viruses do what they do, new flu vaccines every year, new strains of covid-19, helping the body develop immunity, getting people vaccinated

Viruses do what they do. That’s why we need to be ready.

“Mutating viruses” sounds like a punk-rock band from the 1980s or the subject of a sci-fi movie. But it describes the very nature of viruses.

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graphic of no pain network in minnesota, Department of Health and Human Services, Arti Prasad, MD, FACP, Richard Printon, DC, moving beyond opioids, integrative services for chronic pain care, no pain, non-opioid pain alleviation information network, alternatives to opioids for chronic pain management

Moving beyond opioids to complementary and integrative services for chronic pain care

In 2018, two million people in the US suffered from an opioid use and more than 130 people died every day from opioid-related drug overdoses.

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pregnant woman holding her belly in subway, covid vaccine for pregnant people, should i get the covid vaccine if i am pregnant, covid vaccine when pregnant

I’m pregnant. Should I get the COVID-19 vaccine?

For most people, getting the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible is the safest choice. Pregnant individuals may have some questions.

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