Healthy Matters podcast off to healthy start

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The new Healthy Matters Podcast with Dr. David Hilden is now live on all podcast platforms! After launching just two weeks ago, the podcast has already reached over 1,400 downloads. With three episodes available and episode 4 launching this Sunday morning January 22, listeners can enjoy Dr. Hilden talk about all things healthcare at your own leisure and on any device.

In Episode 2, Dr. Hilden welcomes Chief Academic Officer Dr. Meghan Walsh, and the two of them reminisce about their lives and times at Hennepin Healthcare, dating back to when they were residents together. Listen as they share fun and interesting stories about midnight smoothies, roustabouts, steak with Italian red wine, and the dangers of black licorice.

healthy matters graphic with caricature of dr hilden, dr hilden interviewing his colleague dr meghan walsh in the studioEpisode 3 of the Healthy Matters podcast is dedicated entirely to a segment we’re calling Hilden’s House Calls, where Dr. Hilden answers questions from listeners. In this episode, Dr. Hilden addresses many COVID-19 questions on topics ranging from the Omicron variant to home-testing kits, and what mask is best to protect you and your family.

You can listen to all episodes at, or by searching for “The Healthy Matters Podcast with Dr. David Hilden” wherever you get your podcasts. If you like it, please subscribe, share with friends and family, and give it a positive rating.

If you are interested in getting your health-related question answered on a future podcast, you can leave your message by calling 612-873-TALK (8255), or by emailing us at [email protected]. We’d also love to hear your thoughts about the podcast and your ideas for future episodes. Thanks for giving it a listen!

Be safe, be healthy, and be well!

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