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Healthy Matters podcast off to healthy start

The Healthy Matters Podcast is now live on all podcast platforms! After launching just two weeks ago, it has reached over 1,400 downloads.

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dr david hilden at the state fair, join hennepin healthcare at the 2019 mn state fair, live broadcasts, dr david hilden, healthcare events, mn get together

Join Hennepin Healthcare at the 2019 MN State Fair

Visit Hennepin Healthcare at the MN State Fair. Get together with Hennepin Healthcare at the Great Minnesota Get-Together.

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dr david hilden holding a microphone at the state fair, mn state fair, hcmc at the fair, hcmc at the great minnesota get together, healthy matters with dr david hilden, hcmc burn center at governor’s fire prevention day, bernie the rescue dog, minnesota state fair

HCMC at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair

Going to the MN State Fair? Check out the following events and get together with HCMC at the Great Minnesota Get-Together.

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