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andy cook playing guitar and standing in front of hcmc sign, rock n roll club, execution of tasks, coordination of supplies, tech support, healthcare support, 1st avenue, prince memorial concert, andy cook, confidence in care

What healthcare can learn from a rock ‘n’ roll club

By day I am a manager at HCMC, and on evenings and weekends, I am writing, recording, and playing shows on the music scene.

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diver diving from dock into lake, spinal cord injury, diving accident, nick maestas, minnesota Level 1 trauma center, dr uzma samadani, spinal fracture, neurosurgeon

A spinal injury that changed a young man’s life

Spinal cord injuries can happen in an instant and may significantly change a person’s life. This was the case for Nick Maestas.

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grandparents with grandchildren, impact, impact care model, terminally ill patients, hospice like support, hospice of the twin cities

When you’re not ready for hospice: the IMPACT care model

IMPACT is a Medicare model utilized at Hospice of the Twin Cities that provides support and care coordination for terminally-ill patients.

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premature infants, low birth weight infants, calvin lepp, smallest surviving premature infant, preterm infants

Smallest premature infant from 1942 celebrates 75th birthday

Calvin Lepp was born weighing one and three-quarter pounds. At the time, he was the hospital’s smallest surviving premature infant.

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mom with sleeping newborn baby, post partum depression, baby blues, program to help mothers bond with their babies, post partum support

Healing family relationships one mother at a time

The Mother-Baby Program, created by Dr. Helen Kim, is a program designed to help mothers who experience serious post-partum depression.

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Cattails Line A Northern Wisconsin Lake, mac scheuble, boating accident, limb threatening injury, level I pediatric trauma, limb preservation

Mac’s story

For Mac Scheuble of Waconia, Minnesota, life was all about fishing, football, friendship and family. At 13, he faced a major injury.

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Teenagers Putting Their Hands Together In Unity, george floyd, grief by youth at trial, police killing of black man, youth activism, racial injustice, dr veronica svetaz, tips to help teens deal with discrimination

Our youth were ready

I was lifted through the trial by our youth, who were there with Mr. Floyd, providing hope in his last moments.

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community group outside planning an activity, cultural wellness center, akhmiri sekhr-ra, chief family development officer, community health, moving from race to culture

Voices of Hennepin Healthcare: Akhmiri Sekhr-Ra

The Chief Family Development Officer at the Cultural Wellness Center shares her harmonious vision for wellness.

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