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mitchell moe, Life in 2020 as an LGBTQ+ medical student, living with purpose through a pandemic, disparities and inequities, cardiac biomarker trials lab, helix program

Life in 2020 as an LGBTQ+ medical student

For his first two years of medical school at the University of Minnesota, Mitchell Moe spent most of his time sitting through lectures.

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two guys wearing masks and greeting each other with elbow bump, an elbow bump is not a hug, alternative to hug, poem about hugs during pandemic, no handshakes or hugs, elbow bump instead of hug, steve grove, chaplain

An elbow bump is not a hug

An elbow bump is not a hug. It was kind of fun at first I guess; a novel addition to social grace as new restrictions settled in.

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four black doulas, Black Maternal Health Week, Through the eyes of two Black doulas, amplify voices of black moms, outcomes for pregnant women, doulas, everyday miracles, Sierra Williams, Hadijatou Sanyang

Black Maternal Health Week: Through the eyes of two Black doulas

Black Maternal Health Week (BMHW) – April 11 through 17 – is a national campaign led by the Black Mamas Matter Alliance.

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collage of anita white illustrations with photo of anita white, local artist illustrates day in the life, illustrator at hospital, documenting through illustration, local artist anita white, patient illustrations

Local artist illustrates a day in the life at Hennepin Healthcare in 160 moments over 24 hours

Over the course of a year and a half, local artist Anita White captured moments that spanned every hour of the day – all 24 hours of it.

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young girl holding her stomach, physical therapy can help kiddos with toileting problems, bladder and bowel dysfunction, bedwetting, leaking urine, frequent urination, constipation

Physical therapy can help kiddos with toileting problems

Bladder and bowel dysfunction (difficulty with urination and/or having a bowel movement) in children can be very distressing to the child. 

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parker lemburg in hospital bed after car crash, bringing back normal with farm muscles prayer, life-threatening injuries, traumatic brain injury, knapp rehab, lemburgs, car accident, multiple fractures, level i adult and pediatric trauma center

Bringing back “normal” with farm muscles, prayer

The Lemburg family’s journey began when several inches of slushy springtime snow covered the roads in rural Marshall, Minnesota.

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steve gleason at the speech language clinic, having a voice when disease cuts it short, speech language specialists, speech and swallowing problems, lose the ability to speak, speech technology, kim churness ms ccc-slp, steve gleason

Having a voice when disease cuts it short

May is Better Hearing & Speech Month – a time to celebrate speech-language pathologists and the field in which they practice.

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alicia featured on billboard for heart month, save a life, learn cpr, lucas, alicia bravo, emergency medicine nurse, cpr machine, cpr kiosk

Save a life – learn CPR.

Alicia Bravo is an emergency medicine nurse here at Hennepin Healthcare. She was training for a triathlon swimming.

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baby sleeping on back, go to sleep little one, sids, sudden infant death syndrome, baby sleep safety, safe to sleep recommendations, nichole castillo, aprn, pnp

Go to sleep, little one

Many people remember the “Back to Sleep” campaign in the 1990s that recommended babies should always sleep on their backs for safety. 

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Getting from here to there: updates and resources for child passenger safety

Four out of five car seats are installed incorrectly. Keeping up with the recommendations for child passenger safety can be a challenge.

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mentor and mentee for training pregnant moms for the workplace, hennepin county health and human services, teen hope program, public health nurses in schools, resource centers to help pregnant and parenting teens, pathways to success, adrianna blackmon, katelyn williams, mctc, brooklyn center early college academy, minnesota family investment program, tracy gorman, academic help

Teen HOPE programs helps teen parents find their path

During a tutoring session, Katelyn smiled under Blackmon’s encouragement as the two paged through a study guide.

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sten anderson stroke patient, read sten's story, sten anderson, fast, stroke awareness month, stroke awareness

Read Sten’s Story

Think strokes just happen to seniors? A stroke was the last thing healthy Sten Anderson thought would happen to him at the young age of 24.

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nurses week promo, nurses week 2018, hennepin healthcare nurses, challenges of nursing, inspirations for nursing career, national nurses week honorees, amber, marjie, sue

Nurses Week 2018: Meet three Hennepin Healthcare nurses

National Nurses Week is an annual celebration that starts on May 6 and ends on May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday.

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illustration of colon, colon cancer screening, prevent diseases before they happen, cancer prevention strategies, fecal occult blood testing, blood in the stool, dr rachel silva, primary care, early cancer screenings

Why I care about colon cancer screening

When I went to medical school, I knew I would work in an aspect of medicine that I’d have the opportunity to work with patients long term. 

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support group hands, megan hladilek, part two we don't talk about miscarriages, patient experience with miscarriage, 5 responses to someone having a miscarriage, how to support someone after miscarriage, Grief Support Program, support for patients with grief, program to support families who have lost a loved one, emotional support for families

Part two: We don’t talk about miscarriages, and we need to – one patient shares her experience.

Megan provides valuable information for loved ones to better support someone who is experiencing a miscarriage.

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emergency c section, car accident, arm amputation, jessie krone, rehabilitation patient, trauma patient, miland knapp rehabilitation center, trauma care

Read Jessie’s story

Jessie Krone is incredibly thankful for her children. Her youngest daughter was born by C-section after a traumatic car crash.

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young couple with their newborn baby, birth center patient experience, birth center interview, certified nurse midwives, first child birth, birth delivery support, kyrsten

The Birth Center – Patient Experience Interview with Kyrsten

We interviewed Kyrsten and her husband to learn more about their experience at the Birth Center during Kyrsten’s birth of her first child.

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father with hand on son's shoulder explaining why there is violence in the world, helping kids learn about violence, mass violence, how to talk to your child about violence, how parents talk about violence, explaining why people hurt others, dr lidan gu, behavioral difficulties, ADHD, autism

How to talk to your kids about mass violence

Young children may not know or understand, but they can sense distress. Parents can manage their reactions and affect how children react.

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rehabilitation for burns, chris leatherdale, laser surgery for burns, rehab center for burn patients, burn patient, miland e knapp rehabilitation center

Read Chris’s story

Chris Leatherdale has been through a lot. He was taken to HCMC after suffering burns while saving his horses that were trapped in a barn fire.

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highway, shannon kerr, car accident, critical condition, coma, brain injury patient

Serious car crash impacts family in more ways than one

Shannon Kerr was driving, with her two girls secured in the back seat. They were on their way to get a puppy. Then, something happened.

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