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Jessie Krone, a former patient at HCMC, is incredibly thankful for both of her children. Her oldest child, Logan, is a healthy happy young man in his mid-teens. Her youngest, daughter Molli, came into the world last year giving Jessie and her family quite a scare. Molli was born by an emergency C-section after a traumatic car crash resulted in an unconscious Jessie being rushed to an emergency room in a western suburb. Although Molli was born two months early, she was healthy and has flourished into a beautiful, strong child. Jessie, at the time, wasn’t so lucky. Jessie was transferred to HCMC with a broken neck and mangled arm that was eventually amputated. Jessie spent many days rehabilitating at our Miland E. Knapp Rehabilitation Center, and was an inspiration to the staff because of her determination and positive spirit. Read her story.


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