Skull fracture causes frightening TBI — but nothing scary about seamless care

As a nurse at a local hospital, Jeanne Leach has worked with families caring for loved ones with a health emergency. On a Friday night in October, while leaving their daughter’s house, her husband, Jim, walked down the front steps, tripped over a pumpkin, and fell and hit the corner of a step and was…

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One day at a time…celebrating 50 years of Knapp Rehabilitation

It’s hard to put into words the daily life at Knapp Rehab. To end up in Knapp, something pretty awful sent you there.

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Read Sten’s Story

Think strokes just happen to seniors? Think again. A stroke was the last thing healthy Sten Anderson thought would happen to him at the young age of 24. But it did. This May, being Stroke Awareness Month, you should be aware that a stroke can happen at any time, at any age and even to perfectly…

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Read Jessie’s story

Jessie Krone, a former patient at HCMC, is incredibly thankful for both of her children. her oldest child, Logan, is a healthy happy young man in his mid-teens. Her youngest, daughter Molli, came into the world last year giving Jessie and her family quite a scare.

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Read Chris’s story

Chris Leatherdale has been through a lot, but you’d never know it if you met him. Chris was taken to HCMC after suffering burns while saving his horses that were trapped in a barn fire. After spending weeks in our burn unit, he became a patient at our Miland E. Knapp Rehabilitation Center, where patients…

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