Jessie Krone's Story

"Thank you isn't enough. I could have had nothing but now I have everything."

Pregnant with her second child, Jessie was living in Lester Prairie, a town of 1,400, with her son Logan, and an extended network of family and friends. One summer day, after dropping Logan off at football camp and heading to her job in Waconia, she blacked out and crashed her car into a tree.

Jessie was taken to the closest emergency room where they performed an emergency C-section to deliver baby Molli at seven months old. Put in an induced coma, she was then transferred to HCMC with a halo where she was treated for a broken neck at C1 and C2. Her left arm had been so mangled and trapped in the wreckage it couldn't be saved and was eventually amputated.

Jessie's love for her family and her strong will to recover kept her going. She always wore bright colors to keep her positive, and wore her bright orange shoes to therapy. "The caregivers at Knapp were amazing. They termed my family "The Herd" because they were always here in packs. I'm so thankful for them as well. We had t-shirts made and, of course, they were bright orange."

Both Jessie and Molli are back to health and grateful every day. On that summer day in July, a bad thing and a good thing happened in Jessie's life. With her beautiful smile and sunny disposition, it's easy to see she is focusing on the good.

"Thank you isn't enough. I could have had nothing, but now I have everything."