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Brent Worwa And Dr Wert

Giant spiders, brush with death prompt life-changing end to alcohol addiction

Brent said out loud to himself, “I’m going to die today.” He had a friend drive him immediately to HCMC’s emergency department.

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Voices of Hennepin Healthcare: Toya López

Toya López, a patient and former team member at Hennepin Healthcare, strongly believes in a sustainable healthcare design that cares for patients and environmental health. “At Hennepin Healthcare, we are amongst leaders,” praises Toya López, a patient and former team member (employee) of Hennepin Healthcare, as well as a board member for Health Professionals for…

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Young, healthy – and at risk for a heart attack?

John Grudnowski is a 44-year-old marketing executive who works out 3-4 times a week. He had no apparent risk factors for a heart attack, but on May 22, 2021, that’s exactly what he experienced while living for a short time in Costa Rica. “I had just completed one of my workouts with a personal trainer…

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The healthy woman’s heart attack

Have you ever heard of SCAD? AKA spontaneous coronary artery dissection? Bobbijo, who works in the Comprehensive Cancer Center, had never heard of it either. Early in January 2017, Bobbijo felt something was wrong, and passed it off as acid reflux, thinking it would go away. One week later with shooting pain from her sternum…

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Saving a Life-Saver

Hennepin EMS paramedics respond to a variety of scenes for emergency calls – often the same ones as the Minneapolis Fire Department. On Saturday, September 29, 2018, paramedics Stephanie Young and Derek Smith were in their ambulance at Minneapolis Fire Station No. 22 when they received a call to a very familiar address. “I recognized…

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Celebrating ten years of breast cancer survivors

On Saturday, October 6th, almost 200 Hennepin Healthcare breast cancer patients, their friends and families and volunteers from the Comprehensive Cancer Center came together for the 10th annual Breast Cancer Survivors Celebration. Every year our clinic staff recognize women and men for their strength and commitment to fight and heal from breast cancer. We held the…

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Jet Ski Accident Leads to Unexpected Diagnosis

Ricardo Ortiz went jet skiing with his family. It was a sunny summer day. He had an accident and later received an unexpected diagnosis.

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Local writer thanks and apologizes to neurosurgery team and ICU nurses

“Dear neurosurgery team and ICU nurses@ Hennepin Healthcare, I was hospitalized September 20, 2017 after suffering from a subarachnoid ruptured aneurysm and stroke. I spent two weeks in the ICU. I really can’t thank all of you enough! I wish I knew each of your names!  I know that my personality in the ICU was…

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Teen HOPE programs helps teen parents find their path

by Maria Elena Baca, Public Affairs Officer, Hennepin County Adrianna Blackmon’s confidence is contagious. During a tutoring session, Katelyn Williams smiled and sat up a little straighter under Blackmon’s encouragement as the two paged through a study guide for her upcoming biology test. Both young women participate in a partnership between Hennepin County Health and…

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Read Sten’s Story

Think strokes just happen to seniors? Think again. A stroke was the last thing healthy Sten Anderson thought would happen to him at the young age of 24. But it did. This May, being Stroke Awareness Month, you should be aware that a stroke can happen at any time, at any age and even to perfectly…

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