New paramedics closer to graduating

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In January we featured a blog post on Clark and Caleb, two members of the Hennepin EMS Paramedic Training Program. The program started in mid-December and the group has been on a rigorous path to become official paramedics.

These 23 EMTs-on-the-way-to-become-certified-paramedics have now passed their written exams (called the FISDAP – well known in the paramedic community), and are studying hard approaching their clinicals at the end of June, and then a national certification.

“The accumulation of the last 7 ½ months is definitely paying off,” said Clark. The new program, which waives the cost of their training and even pays them to train, looks successful as Hennepin EMS and the entire nation face a shortage of paramedics. Although the trainees have been on plenty of runs with our current paramedics, soon Hennepin EMS will be bringing on a bright, skilled group of paramedics ready to hit the ground running. Watching them interact with each other shows they have all grown and learned and bonded in an exciting way. Good luck trainees and thank you for your service.

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