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Patty Carron, Nurse Alumni

The gift of time and talent is not to be overlooked as a generous donation. Hennepin Healthcare is blessed with over 300 individual hospital volunteers sharing their skills to enhance the patient experience and work environment.

After 41 years working as a nurse in Orthopedics, it was a seamless transition from staff member to volunteer for Patty Carron. “I graduated in 1969 and spent my whole career in the organization as it morphed from the General to MMIC to HCMC. All the while working hard, laughing with colleagues and caring for patients. Many friendships grew from here, I just can’t leave, so I remain as a volunteer,” explains Patty.

Retiring in 2010, Patty was recruited to help out in the History Center, which she staffs on Tuesdays, along with returning to Orthopedics to stock supplies. She also finds time to help out at Kindest Cuts of the Humane Society, where she uses her surgery tool cleaning and wrapping skills learned in Ortho for the much smaller tools used in the neutering of pets.

For Patty it’s personal, “I enjoyed working here and made a decent living. All my friends are here, so volunteering is my way of giving back and showing my appreciation.”

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