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young mother hugging her daughter, how to talk to your child about traumatic events, explaining violence to children, how to explain traumatic events, advice on how to explain violent acts, recognize signs of stress

How to talk to your child about traumatic events

As stories of school shootings dominate the news, parents of young children find themselves struggling to explain these traumatic events.

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remembering bibi, eliminating health disparities initiative, program for latino adolescents, family centered youth care, la clinica, henne-teen, between us

Remembering Bibi

Some people leave a footprint in life and our hearts. Bibiana Garzon “Bibi” was one of those, a true Latine Community leader.

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psychiatry staff with open path resources member, expanding culturally responsive care, muslim patients, muslim psychiatric patients, open path resources, somali community, imam sharif mohamed, shukri salah, spiritual care provider 

New partnership is expanding culturally responsive care for Muslim patients

A young woman suffering from depression and addiction asked Spiritual Care Provider Shukri Salah for help.

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paramedic talking to woman next to ambulance, paramedic training adds second chance for retired math teacher, diagnostic ultrasound, pulmonary embolism, blood clot, lifesaving diagnostic technology, p3 paramedics, daniel bowler

Advanced paramedic training adds second chance at life for retired math teacher

The numbers never got old for retired math teacher Daniel Bowler. That’s why he continued to work at school where he’s the math league coach.

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man spewing puzzle pieces, what is aphasia, cognitive decline, disorder of the brain that controls language, brain tumor, speech disorder, bruce willis, alternative communication, speech therapy

What is aphasia?

Bruce Willis, the 67-year-old actor, announced his retirement from acting, after being diagnosed with aphasia.

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pediatric mobile van, mobile clinic brings health care to patients' doors, mobile van healthcare, routine vaccines, pediatric mobile health team, childhood immunizations, bridge a healthcare gap

Mobile clinic brings health care to patients’ doors

A three-year-old patient was behind on her vaccine appointments, and had a history of seizures and some missed appointments.

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Two donors hold up the donate life flag, kidney donor, transplant recipient, donate life, transplant program, non-directed donor, jose amigon tlatenchi

Kidney donor and grateful transplant recipient join Donate Life ceremonies

As we celebrate Donate Life month in April, we annually raise the Donate Life flag in a celebration on our campus.

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dr elizabeth alabi, what it’s like to be black, black doctor in white america, diversity within hospital leadership, advocate for patients of color, diversity education in healthcare, dr elizabeth alabi, obgyn

Part two: What it’s like to be Black and a doctor in white America

What challenges do black doctors experience while pursuing a career in medicine? What is it like to be a black doctor in white America?

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grateful patient smiling after surgery, farewell to an appendix, grateful patient, emergency surgery, michael voges, tummy aches

Farewell to an appendix: Grateful patient documents emergency surgery by Michael Voges

One night I had a tummy ache. My wife, of course, immediately proclaimed I should go to the ER because it was probably my appendix.

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female black doctor with mask and two other white doctors, what it’s like to be black and a doctor in white america, overt racism, diversity in medicine, overcome biases, racial justice work, dr iesha galloway-gilliam

What it’s like to be Black and a doctor in white America

Dr. Iesha Galloway-Gilliam, an Internal Medicine provider at Hennepin Healthcare shares her experience and challenges being a Black doctor.

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two young residents in clinic, HERE film series, A residents’ story, journey of two young doctors, dr brandi gorden klukas, dr ka bao vang

HERE film series continues with Episode 4: A Residents’ Story

The latest episode is a bit of a departure from the previous three, though is equally as heart-warming and compelling as its predecessors.

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three smiling teens, healthcare that gives adolescents and young adults a voice, rapid socioemotional development, freedom to make decisions, facilitating parent-teen communication, janna gewirtz o’brien

Healthcare that gives adolescents and young adults a voice

Adolescence is an important time when young people are developing physically, emotionally, and socially. Their brains are developing rapidly.

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Exciting news and milestone: COVID vaccines available for children ages 5–11 years

Children have been infected with COVID-19 . Cases have increased dramatically since the arrival of the Delta variant.

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hennepin healthcare east lake clinic logo and sign, east lake clinic, clinic october birthdays, reopened clinic, destruction of original clinic, neighborhood clinic

East Lake Clinic opened October 4, joining many clinic October birthdays

After the destruction of the original East Lake Clinic, we welcome the new clinic located in the Hennepin County Service Center.

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Jerry with paramedics, Hennepin EMS Paramedics reunite with a grateful patient, discomfort in chest, advanced life support, cath lab, widow makerJason Robarge, Aaron McAllister, paramedics

Hennepin EMS Paramedics reunite with a grateful patient

When Jerry Martin got on his bike for his morning ride from Victoria to Shorewood this past June, it seemed like another routine bike ride.

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hennepin healthcare midwife staff, 50 years later, 14 midwives strong, first-of-its-kind, nurse midwife service, midwifery history

50 years later and 14 midwives strong, our first-of-its-kind Nurse Midwife Service

In 1971, Margaret used her knowledge as a Certified Nurse Midwife to develop the first hospital nurse midwife practice​ in Minnesota at HCMC. 

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kids with masks outside of school building, back to school, extracurricular activities, ow to stay safe at school during covid19, unstructured downtime for rest, masking and physical distancing, dr jane harris, american academy of pediatrics

Back to school and back to extracurricular activities

It’s early September and that means it’s time for back to school and also back to extracurricular activities.

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rocks with a plant and sun, what is lifestyle medicine, changing your behavior, changing your diet, changing your habits, science of behavior, dr shawn olson

What is lifestyle medicine?

Your behavior and lifestyle play a very important role in your health and can have a great impact on how your body deals with diseases.

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group of worry monsters, worry monsters, stuffed animal, creature with a zipper for a mouth, write down their worries, katie o’hearn, child life specialist

Worry monsters

When the COVID pandemic began, volunteers began making masks. They were in high demand and gratefully accepted.

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provider with john and his wife in front of xray, young healthy and at risk for a heart attack, vomited several times, burning lungs, heart hurt, 90 percent blockage of left anterior descending artery, michael konstantinides, tombstoning, cardiac rehab program

Young, healthy – and at risk for a heart attack?

John Grudnowski is a 44-year-old marketing executive who works out 3-4 times a week. He had no apparent risk factors for a heart attack.

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