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The history of trauma care

As Hennepin Healthcare celebrates 30 years of Level 1 Adult & Pediatric Trauma verification, it’s important to look back in time and see how we got here. Trauma is not new – it has happened and been treated since the beginning of time, not just the past 30 years. But before the formal verification process…

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Hennepin EMS welcomes 4-legged members of “Hennepin Heroes” program

There’s a new paw patrol helping EMS (Emergency Medical Services) staff at Hennepin Healthcare alleviate on-the-job stress that can follow them back to the office, ambulance garage, or even home. Friendly volunteer canines from North Star Therapy Animals are part of the Hennepin Heroes program designed to provide comfort, spread joy and reinforce positive communication.…

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One day at a time…celebrating 50 years of Knapp Rehabilitation

It’s hard to put into words the daily life at Knapp Rehab. To end up in Knapp, something pretty awful sent you there.

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Go to sleep, little one

Safe to Sleep® Recommendations Explained Many people remember the “Back to Sleep” campaign that was initiated in the 1990s. Back to sleep recommends babies should always be put to sleep on their back for safety.  Since the 1990s, the rate of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), initially declined and now has plateaued for several years. …

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New MRI in the Clinic & Specialty Center is just what the doctor ordered

Something magical happens when medical equipment provides both an enhanced experience for the patient and advanced diagnostics for the clinician. The new state-of-the-art Philips 3.0Tesla MRI, located on the first floor of the Clinic & Specialty Center, provides a perfect example of how this technology comes together to serve both purposes. The MRI includes the…

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Don’t be Rip Van Winkle

Was Rip lazy, shiftless, irresponsible or suffering from a sleep disorder? The 300 year old Rip Van Winkle legend describes a sleep episode.

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sten anderson stroke patient, read sten's story, sten anderson, fast, stroke awareness month, stroke awareness

Read Sten’s Story

Think strokes just happen to seniors? A stroke was the last thing healthy Sten Anderson thought would happen to him at the young age of 24.

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We are Hennepin Healthcare

Hennepin Healthcare is an integrated system of care, that strives to deliver clinical expertise across many locations and services.

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recalling historical hospital achievements, best of 2017, hcmc years of community service, top clinical achievements of hospital, recognized for patient care and expertise, voted top doctors, 130 years of HCMC serving the community

Best of 2017

As we reflect back on 2017, we remember the top achievements of over 130 years of HCMC serving the community!

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Pharmacy services designed to enhance care in the Clinic & Specialty Center

As we introduce areas of the new Clinic & Specialty Center, we take you to one of the busiest and most important areas – the pharmacy.

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