Pharmacy services designed to enhance care in the Clinic & Specialty Center


As we continue to introduce areas of the new Clinic & Specialty Center, we take you to one of the busiest and most important areas that many patients will visit during their time in the building – the pharmacy.

The Clinic & Specialty Center will actually have two pharmacies, one retail pharmacy – for patients, and one internal pharmacy that supplies medications solely for the medication needs of clinics within the building. We had the privilege of sitting down with Mike Pitzl, Pharmacy Director and visionary behind the design of the Clinic & Specialty Center pharmacies, to learn more about some of the new features and enhancements to the patient experience.

“The pharmacies in the new Clinic & Specialty Center will work in concert with all of the clinics throughout the facility. Dedicated retail and internal pharmacies will serve each area, as needed, and be located within close proximity of the clinics. The pharmacies will serve the Comprehensive Cancer Center, Same Day Surgery and Procedures, and every other area for improved access and convenience. Workflows are improved with all of the clinics in one place with their own dedicated systems.

The retail pharmacy is located on the first floor, making it easy for patients to visit the retail pharmacy on their way home from their visit. The pharmacies feature new technology for improved speed and safety. They will also have an upgraded Epic system and include new dispensing robotics,” notes Pitzl.

The retail pharmacy carries on the commitment to creating the best patient experience in the new Clinic & Specialty Center. The work area is designed in a horseshoe to improve workflow and patient experience. After patients will drop off their order, the medication is reviewed by two different pharmacists during processing to ensure the patient is getting the right medication and dosage; safety is valued over speed. The retail pharmacy is one of the largest of the HCMC community pharmacies, with a larger area for over-the-counter medications, and will continue the pharmacy team’s commitment to quick service.

“The pharmacies in the new clinic and specialty center were designed with the patient in mind, and deliver service in the way patients want. We want the pharmacy to be there for all of our visitor’s pharmacy needs,” indicates Pitzl.

The pharmacy staff are looking forward to their new home and enhancing the pharmacy experience.





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