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young black women attending the black women with stethoscopes youth summit at hennepin healthcare, black women with stethoscopes, youth summits, delivering culturally-centered care, hands-on experience, simulation center

Black Women with Stethoscopes Youth Summits inspire youth

Over 150 young women visited our campus to learn about healthcare careers during our Black Women with Stethoscopes Youth Summits.

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three smiling teens, healthcare that gives adolescents and young adults a voice, rapid socioemotional development, freedom to make decisions, facilitating parent-teen communication, janna gewirtz o’brien

Healthcare that gives adolescents and young adults a voice

Adolescence is an important time when young people are developing physically, emotionally, and socially. Their brains are developing rapidly.

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young boy receiving vaccinations from doctor, why are childhood vaccines so important, vaccines protect your child, vaccines protect others, babies are the most vulnerable to illness, herd immunity, dr christine tompkins

Why are childhood vaccines so important?

As we emerge from this COVID haze, it is a great time to get your children caught up on their routine immunizations.

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brandon johnson, life-saving ECMO after brain injury, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, dr matthew prekker, pilot

Life-saving ECMO after brain injury

Flying airplanes at heights came naturally to him, but it was a fall from a golf cart that landed the fearless pilot in the hospital.

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young girl holding her stomach, physical therapy can help kiddos with toileting problems, bladder and bowel dysfunction, bedwetting, leaking urine, frequent urination, constipation

Physical therapy can help kiddos with toileting problems

Bladder and bowel dysfunction (difficulty with urination and/or having a bowel movement) in children can be very distressing to the child. 

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One day at a time…celebrating 50 years of Knapp Rehabilitation

It’s hard to put into words the daily life at Knapp Rehab. To end up in Knapp, something pretty awful sent you there.

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steve gleason at the speech language clinic, having a voice when disease cuts it short, speech language specialists, speech and swallowing problems, lose the ability to speak, speech technology, kim churness ms ccc-slp, steve gleason

Having a voice when disease cuts it short

May is Better Hearing & Speech Month – a time to celebrate speech-language pathologists and the field in which they practice.

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breast cancer survivor group at celebration, celebrating ten years of breast cancer survivors, breast cancer survivors celebration, wanzek family breast care center, comprehensive cancer center, surviving breast cancer

Celebrating ten years of breast cancer survivors

Every year our clinic staff recognize women and men for their strength and commitment to fight and heal from breast cancer.

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Getting from here to there: updates and resources for child passenger safety

Four out of five car seats are installed incorrectly. Keeping up with the recommendations for child passenger safety can be a challenge.

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man holding his mid section in pain, free hernia information, abdominal wall hernias, hernia, robotic-assisted minimally invasive, pressure in the groin, dr jon krook, signs of a hernia

Free hernia information session and screening

Abdominal wall hernias occurs when a part of an internal organ breaks through a tear or weak point in the abdominal wall.

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MRI demonstration, new mri, philips 3.0 tesla mri, immersive audio and visual feature, compressed sense technology, full-body mri scan, dr david hilden, radiology

New MRI in the Clinic & Specialty Center is just what the doctor ordered

Something magical happens when medical equipment provides an enhanced experience for the patient and advanced diagnostics for the clinician.

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here4health with dr david hilden promo, health tips from the experts, here4health, dr david hilden, free educational events, healthy matters radio show, decade of dave

Join us, and get health tips from the experts!

Hennepin Healthcare is hosting a series of free educational events focused on keeping you healthy, active and feeling your best.

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hennepin healthcare promotional logo with three providers, we are hennepin healthcare, new identity, integrated system of care, specialty center opening, we're here for life

We are Hennepin Healthcare

Hennepin Healthcare is an integrated system of care, that strives to deliver clinical expertise across many locations and services.

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recalling historical hospital achievements, best of 2017, hcmc years of community service, top clinical achievements of hospital, recognized for patient care and expertise, voted top doctors, 130 years of HCMC serving the community

Best of 2017

As we reflect back on 2017, we remember the top achievements of over 130 years of HCMC serving the community!

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clinic and specialty center building exterior, specialty center tour, tour with dr hilden, video walking tour of clinic and specialty center, building opening, rehabilitation department tour

Clinic & Specialty Center – Rehabilitation Department Video Tour

Join Dr. David Hilden on a video walking tour of the Rehabilitation Department within our beautiful new Clinic & Specialty Center.

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clinic and specialty center pharmacy, csc pharmacies, retail pharmacy, dispensing robotics, enhancing patient experience, mike pitzl

Pharmacy services designed to enhance care in the Clinic & Specialty Center

As we introduce areas of the new Clinic & Specialty Center, we take you to one of the busiest and most important areas – the pharmacy.

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clinic and specialty center illustration of building, naming rights, gift agreement, naming opportunity, donor recognition, specialty center donor opportunities, hhf, hennepin healthcare foundation

Donors inspired by Clinic & Specialty Center naming opportunities

The construction of the Clinic & Specialty Center has opened doors for donor recognition opportunities at a scale previously unavailable.

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completed clinic & specialty center & pharmacy building, specialty center construction, video tour with dr david hilden, services in one facility, 2018 completion date, streamlined care, clinic & specialty center & pharmacy

New Clinic & Specialty Center video tour with Dr. David Hilden

Construction on the HCMC Clinic & Specialty Center is moving along at a rapid pace, and we’re on track to open on March 26, 2018.

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illustration of clinic and specialty center for same day surgery, building same day surgery and procedure space, 3p design approach, clinic and specialty center, single flow patient centered design, patient experience

Same-day Surgery and Procedures designs space for optimal patient experience

It doesn’t happen every day – the opportunity to reimagine the entire process of same-day surgical procedures.

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architectural illustration of hospital interior, inspire arts coordinator wenda ballinger, art consultant vicki hovde, the art of life, public works of art, healing environment, visualize healing, the art of life, a call for artists

Nearly 600 works of art will contribute to new Clinic and Specialty Center’s healing environment

As progress continues on our new Clinic and Specialty Center, we’re now starting to visualize what the finished environment will look like.

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