We are Hennepin Healthcare

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A new system identity reflects expanded access for you

We’ve evolved, and we’ve grown. Meeting the ever-changing needs of the community each step of the way. Our system has a new identity, Hennepin Healthcare, to help you understand that we are an integrated system of care – working together to deliver clinical expertise across many locations and services, from primary and specialty care to home care and hospice, rehabilitation, emergency medical services, inpatient care, outpatient clinics, and more.

With the opening of our Clinic & Specialty Center on March 26th, we’ll change how healthcare is delivered in downtown Minneapolis and offer an extraordinary experience to our patients who entrust us with their care.

We’re here for the emergency and the every day.

We’re here to save lives, and celebrate them too.

We’re here for every minute of every day.

We’re here for life.

Our employees choose to work for Hennepin Healthcare for many reasons. But, together, they make up one amazing integrated system of care – highlighted in the video below.

Visit our new website, hennepinhealthcare.org to learn more about the broad array of clinical services, expertise and offerings we provide the community.

The new Hennepin Healthcare Logo – With a vibrancy that reflects the diverse community we serve, the Hennepin Healthcare logo represents the crispness and precision we bring to our work. The chevrons point inward to the patient – at the center of everything we do. They also radiate outward to reflect our connection to the community. The medical sign in the center reflects our core – serving the varied healthcare needs of our patients. 


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