Gratitude for the smallest things

catherine justice with her mom linda johnson, linda johnson, accident from falling, level i trauma center, bleed on the brain, broken wrist

Linda Johnson had never been a patient at Hennepin Healthcare until an accident made the Level I Trauma Center the perfect place at an unfortunate time. Linda was picking up her two grandsons from school in mid-November 2022. While standing at the top of a set of stairs, she turned to watch the boys run down a ramp. Not realizing she was at the top, Linda walked forward and fell down eight or nine cement steps.
“I was completely unaware of what was happening for the next couple of days,” Linda said.

Luckily, her daughter, Catherine Justice, is a physical therapist at Hennepin Healthcare.

“I asked the paramedics to bring Mom here because I know we have the best emergency department,” Catherine said. “Since I was already here, I rushed down and the paramedics waiting for the ambulance with me were so wonderful. They saw me crying and called to see exactly where the ambulance was so I could go into the ED with Mom.”

Once they were in the ED, Dr. Thomas Wyatt confirmed that Linda had broken her wrist and had brain bleeds that were small and isolated – no swelling.

“Dr. Wyatt was really reassuring and took the time to show me the MRI scans,” Catherine said. “The ED residents were great too. They were all so focused and calm and one of them put in my mom’s stitches.”

Catherine also praised the chaplain, Stephen Grove, who helped their family by gathering toiletries for her dad to stay overnight.

“It’s those little things that mattered so much,” Catherine said. “The chaplain was also the crucial communication piece between us and the doctors when we couldn’t be with my mom. He was amazing.”

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