catherine justice with her mom linda johnson, linda johnson, accident from falling, level i trauma center, bleed on the brain, broken wrist

Gratitude for the smallest things

Linda Johnson had never been a patient at the hospital until an accident brought her to the Hennepin Healthcare Level I Trauma Center.

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jim in the knapp rehabilitation center, skull fracture causes frightening tbi, traumatic brain injury, craniotomy, extensive bleeding, traumatic brain injury outpatient program, dr stephen dunlop, dr bergman, dr galicich, dr tonkin, hyperbaric oxygen brain injury treatment

Skull fracture causes frightening TBI – but nothing scary about seamless care

As a nurse at a local hospital, Jeanne Leach has worked with families caring for loved ones with a health emergency.

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brandon johnson, life-saving ECMO after brain injury, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, dr matthew prekker, pilot

Life-saving ECMO after brain injury

Flying airplanes at heights came naturally to him, but it was a fall from a golf cart that landed the fearless pilot in the hospital.

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line drawing of a head with text world delirium awareness day, world delirium awareness day, what is delirium, increased confusion, experience while hospitalized, rapid change in brain function

World Delirium Awareness Day is March 11, but what exactly is delirium?

Delirium is a rapid change in brain function that affects the ability to focus attention that patients experience while hospitalized.

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heart attack survivor ricky price, tbi and heart attack survivor, symptoms of a heart attack, broken heart, rehabilitation, ricky price, car crash, traumatic brain injury

TBI and heart attack survivor: “I’m blessed”

When Ricky Price was asked to build a giant heart for a music video, he never knew that later his own heart would require reconstruction.

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bicyclist fall on asphalt, brain injury awareness month, what to look for when you hit your head, tbi, concussion, red flags of head injuries

In honor of brain injury awareness month – what to look for when you hit your head

If you’ve hit your head or could have, it’s important for you to know the signs and symptoms of a traumatic brain injury.

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brain activity, local writer Megan Bacigalupo, tbi survivor, neurosurgery team, icu nurses, subarachnoid ruptured aneurysm, stroke, trauma to the brain

Local writer thanks and apologizes to neurosurgery team and ICU nurses

I was hospitalized September 20, 2017 after suffering from a subarachnoid ruptured aneurysm and stroke. I spent two weeks in the ICU.

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tbi head on prevention promotional, recognizing brain injury, disability due to brain injury, brain injury prevention, mn brain injury alliance, tbi awareness, kary briner, traumatic brain injury center coordinator

Recognizing Brain Injury

March…Longer days, warmer weather, a hint of spring in the air, and of course, Brain Injury Awareness Month.

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girl kicking soccer ball, concussions, safety of youth sports, brain injury research, symptoms after an injury, neck strengthening, dr uzma samadani, joe toninato

Brain injury research on concussions leads to neck strengthening in young athletes

Increased public awareness of the potential consequences of concussion has raised concern about the safety of youth sports.

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highway, shannon kerr, car accident, critical condition, coma, brain injury patient

Serious car crash impacts family in more ways than one

Shannon Kerr was driving, with her two girls secured in the back seat. They were on their way to get a puppy. Then, something happened.

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charlene barron on her bike on a flooded road, ironman triathlete, bicycle accident, severe traumatic brain injury, charlene barron, dog run fundraiser, dr uzma samadani, sarah goullaud, dog run at baker park, neck strengthening research

Family, friends of 9-time Ironman Triathlete hold fundraiser to support brain injury research

Charlene had long been a dedicated runner, biker, and swimmer who would eventually run more than 40 marathons.

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