Between Us wants to provide you with all the tools you need to be healthy and responsible when making decisions about your sexual health. If you have questions or you need sexual health-related services, such as pregnancy testing, STI testing or treatment, or contraceptives (including plan B, pills, injections, implants, or IUD), make a Between Us appointment in any of our clinics with your primary care provider (even if it is your pediatrician), and you will receive the care you need CONFIDENTIALLY (that means your parents will not be called or get a bill that shows the services you received in your clinic). 


For pregnancy tests, family planning, sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment – anything sexual health related. We can bill your insurance, or cover it for free if you need it to be private. You can bring your parents or come alone.


Comprehensive primary care that will meet all your needs, from sports physicals to sick visits. For these visits, please bring your parents!


No, only confidential care is for free. All other services will be billed to your insurance.

Yes, your partner can also be seen for confidential care if they need it, or we can bill their insurance.

Yes, as soon as you need any confidential health care, just tell your doctor or nurse that you need it, and they will set it up for you.

Yes. For visits about an illness, mental health concerns, or for a sports physical or general checkups, you will need your parents’ involvement, and we will bill your insurance.

You just have to set up an appointment. Ask to be seen through Between Us. There is no additional sign up process beyond the regular registration and scheduling process.

Yes, ‘between us’ includes any sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing.

New patients can get services through Between Us.

Yes, but only confidential services will be covered. All other services need to be billed to your insurance.

Yes! In Minnesota, teens have the right to confidential care around pregnancy, family planning, STI testing and treatment, prenatal care, and drug and alcohol abuse.plan to protect you.

Confidential means that teens and the clinic do not tell parents or guardians about your appointments, or about any of the details of the visit. However, confidentiality has its limits. If there is a threat to your life or another person’s life, providers have the duty to inform your parents and sometimes someone else, like a social worker, to make a plan to protect you.


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To make an appointment, call or text  612-368-1611, tell your provider you need sexual health confidential reproductive care, or call any of our clinics and ask for a Between Us appointment. 

Do you have a question? Our professional medical staff answer some tough and often confusing questions.