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superhero margaret udo rn, breast cancer survivor, painting of breast cancer survivor, portrait ofmargaret udo rn

Superhero Margaret Udo, RN

Margaret Udo, RN, discovered a lump in her breast.  She had just recently gone through a work transition, accepting a job at HCMC in Oncology.

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Jim Indrelie sitting outside, Patient shares cancer diagnosis, Cancer Center team, MyChart, healthy lungs for life event, Jim Indrelie

Patient shares experience navigating cancer diagnosis with support of Cancer Center team and MyChart

“I had had a cold which turned into a cough, and I was feeling pretty rundown – I was afraid maybe I had a touch of pneumonia,” says Jim.

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mother and daughter in surgery caps, transplant, kidney transplant, organ donation, Mother's Day, polycystic kidney disease, PKD, end-stage renal disease, ESRD, Mom and blogger participate in “the Great Kidney Swap”, kidney donation, donating a kidney, end stage kidney disease

Mom and blogger participate in “the Great Kidney Swap”

Cindy Stotz is a 67-year-old with end stage renal disease due to polycystic kidney disease who has been on dialysis for more than four years.

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Kim Smith TBI patient, traumatic brain injury, gunshot wound, recovery, speech language pathology, rehabilitation

Kim’s trauma and her contagious smile

A home invasion resulted in a gunshot wound to Kim’s head. She recalls her first memory of her long journey to her current state of recovery.

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refuge camp in Burma and Thailand, refugee, kidney transplant, civil war, infusion, western technology

From a Thailand refugee camp to a Karenni-American kidney transplant patient

Eh tells his story beginning as a boy in a refugee camp in Thailand to a kidney transplant recipient in America.

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young boy named Crue with a fractured arm in hospital bed

Injury becomes game-changer for Super Bowl party

During the Super Bowl, Megan and Dustin Dalbey were in Sanford’s Emergency Department with their 3-year-old-son, Crue.

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Kris Kuehl TBI Patient, brain injury, therapy, cognitive difficulty, metaphors, coping skills, kris kuehl, orthopedic physical therapist

Metaphor and life with a brain injury

It was a beautiful August morning in 2021 when Kris Kuehl was preparing to start her day working as an orthopedic physical therapist.

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Brenden Bryce TBI OP With His Therapists, tbi, wrestling accident causes a brain injury, traumatic brain injury, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, physical therapy, grateful patient

Wrestling accident causes a brain injury that went from devastating to miraculous within one year

Brenden was at practice hit the back right of his head on the entry door to the wrestling room. He brushed it off.

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Matthew Hector Wanda And Daughter TBI Patient

Matthew’s TBI journey, his participation in a research trial, and his reunion with those that cared for him

Matthew’s brain was severely damaged and was quickly swelling and they needed to perform a decompressive craniectomy

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Patient will smith mother apple maxwell dr. Kahat

Listen to your body (and somebody who loves you)

Will M. Smith was brought to our emergency department (ED) via ambulance after experiencing extreme upper abdominal pain

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Brain injury patient Erin Carlson with tbi staff, tbi, patient story, therapy, PICU, grateful patient reunion, erin duffy carlson, car accident, head injury, glasgow coma scale

After surviving a severe TBI, a patient returns to thank the team members

Erin (Duffy) Carlson was 23 years old when she was hit by another vehicle while riding in a car on July 20, 2007.

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Kathleen and Cole Hustad, doula program, placenta previa, c-section, kathleen hustad, community philanthropy

Kathleen’s miracle and giving back

Eleven years after her son’s miraculous birth, Kathleen Hustad is giving back with her team at Associated Healthcare Credit Union.

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Brent Worwa And Dr Wert

Giant spiders, brush with death prompt life-changing end to alcohol addiction

Brent said out loud to himself, “I’m going to die today.” He had a friend drive him immediately to HCMC’s emergency department.

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meals from open arms food shelter, open arms, high risk pregnancy, food insecurity, nutrition status, patients receive food delivery

A pilot delivers meals to people with high-risk pregnancies

Imagine struggling with a high-risk pregnancy and an organization offering meals free of charge for you and the rest of your family.

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pam garcia cruz, burn patient, burn center, trauma care for burns, healing center for burn victims

Pam’s story – my scars don’t define me

Pam doesn’t remember a thing. She was sleeping at a friend’s house and woke up in an ICU bed in Hennepin Healthcare’s Burn Center.

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Jared Murphy, heart attack, cardiac arrest, widowmaker, hennepin ems, occlusion myocardial infarction

Not alien to hard work – heart attack, cardiac arrest no match for patient

Designer Jared Murphy was visiting a home where he had been working on a project when he suddenly wasn’t feeling well.

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Loss of sight is always a medical emergency – and seeing is believing

On Friday, February 17, 2023, photographer Jerry Robb woke up nearly blind in his right eye. “As to be expected, I was terrified,” he said.

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transgender gender affirming care, gender affirming care, gender affirming treatment, transition of transgender and non-binary individuals, support for transgender and non-binary individuals

Gender-affirming care: What is it?

Gender-affirming care supports the transition of transgender and non-binary individuals to their gender identity.

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national adolescent health month logo, teen mental health, national adolescent health month, adolescent mental health, mental health of youth

National adolescent health month highlights ways to support youth

The National Adolescent Health Month™ recognizes adolescent strengths, promotes meaningful activities, and good adolescent health.

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kidney donation, donor match story, living donor transplants, donate kidney to recipient

A match in more ways than one

Callie found out early on that people can donate one kidney to someone, and that you can live with just one remaining kidney.

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