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lucas niblett in the hospital, be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide and boating, carbon monoxide poisoning, hyperbaric chamber treatment, carbon monoxide detectors, sophia's law, dr christopher logue, odorless and colorless gas, niblett family, michaela niblett

Be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide and boating this summer. Be safe.

The Niblett family has a lot to be thankful for. Living on beautiful Lake Geneva in Alexandria, MN, they spend a lot of time on the water.

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man sitting in the dark on the couch who cannot sleep, 10 steps for managing sleep during the COVID-19 pandemic, sleep disorders during covid, symptoms of depression or anxiety, difficulty concentrating, sleep issues, mark rosenblum

10 steps for managing sleep during the COVID-19 pandemic

Many people are understandably worried during the COVID-19 pandemic. And, when we worry, we may not sleep as well.

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doula helping mom in hospital, what is a doula, midwifes, midwife, support during childbirth, emotional support for moms, claudia beck

Vocabulary lesson: What is a doula?

Having a baby is one of the most exciting, scary, and vulnerable times in a mom’s life. You have never had so many questions.

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hennepin healthcare security guard eric, 98% artery blockage, chest pains, heart attack symptoms, rapid transit unit, left anterior descending artery, security guard, fouad bachour

98% artery blockage took him by surprise

Eric had been dealing with chest pains for about a week, but only when he bent over to do something like tie his shoes.

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bibbijo, healthy womans heart attack, scad, spontaneous coronary artery dissection, signs of a heart attack

The healthy woman’s heart attack

Early in January 2017, Bobbijo felt something was wrong, and passed it off as acid reflux, thinking it would go away.

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Ahmed Warfa in clinic room, ecmo, improving chances for survival, lungs fail, shallow breathing, chest pain

ECMO: Improving chances for survival when heart, lungs fail

A knock on his neighbor’s door may have saved Ahmed Warfa’s life. He was experiencing chest pain when he went to his neighbor for help.

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heart attack survivor ricky price, tbi and heart attack survivor, symptoms of a heart attack, broken heart, rehabilitation, ricky price, car crash, traumatic brain injury

TBI and heart attack survivor: “I’m blessed”

When Ricky Price was asked to build a giant heart for a music video, he never knew that later his own heart would require reconstruction.

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group of women smiling at the camera, 1 in 10 women have endometriosis, inflammation, infertility, manage pain, minimally invasive surgery, dr eric heegaard

1 in 10 Women: Endometriosis

Endometriosis, a potentially disabling condition, affects approximately 200 hundred million women’s lives.

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patient looking out the window at hennepin healthcare, two heart attacks, two different types of pain, heart care for women, coronary heart disease, prevent heart disease

Two heart attacks – two different types of pain

Pain from a heart attack can take on different forms for women and subtle differences could make a difference for patients.

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dabney in hospital bed showing two thumbs up after kidney transplant, free from dialysis thanks to kidney that needed a little tlc, hepatitis C-infected kidney, treated for hepatitis C post-transplant, no dialysis needed, kidney transplant, scientific registry of transplant recipients

Free from dialysis thanks to kidney that needed a little TLC

Hennepin Healthcare surgeon Dr. Paul Stahler transplanted a hepatitis C-infected kidney into a patient with kidney failure.

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breast cancer survivor group at celebration, celebrating ten years of breast cancer survivors, breast cancer survivors celebration, wanzek family breast care center, comprehensive cancer center, surviving breast cancer

Celebrating ten years of breast cancer survivors

Every year our clinic staff recognize women and men for their strength and commitment to fight and heal from breast cancer.

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Jet ski accident leads to unexpected diagnosis

Ricardo Ortiz went jet skiing with his family. It was a sunny summer day. He had an accident and later received an unexpected diagnosis.

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brain activity, local writer Megan Bacigalupo, tbi survivor, neurosurgery team, icu nurses, subarachnoid ruptured aneurysm, stroke, trauma to the brain

Local writer thanks and apologizes to neurosurgery team and ICU nurses

I was hospitalized September 20, 2017 after suffering from a subarachnoid ruptured aneurysm and stroke. I spent two weeks in the ICU.

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two women hold hands to support each other, miscarriage, 10 things to do when you have a miscarriage, we don't talk about miscarriages, 5 responses to someone having a miscarriage, emotional support, miscarriage for mothers of angels, megan hladilek

We don’t talk about miscarriages, and we need to – one patient shares her experience.

Guest writer and patient of HCMC’s Nurse-Midwife team shares some advice about miscarriages for mothers of angels and their support systems.

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mathieu vezies, orthopedic trauma, bike accident, trauma surgery, knapp rehabilitation center, rehabilitation program, mathieu vezies

Read Mathieu’s story

Overcoming major orthopedic trauma is tough for anyone, even Mathieu Vezies who was healthy, athletic, and ready to take on the world.

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