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Overcoming major orthopedic trauma is tough for anyone, even Mathieu Vezies who was healthy, athletic, and ready to take on the world. A bike-truck accident the summer after his high school graduation brought Mathieu months of pain, rehabilitation, and a focus on his health and recovery after major orthopedic surgeries. It knocked him off his game for a while but, with the help of the staff at HCMC and the rehabilitating program at Knapp, Mathieu’s planned first college semester was changed only slightly. He stayed at home with his family, rehabilitating and taking his first semester of college classes online.  With such an amazing recovery, Mathieu was able to head off to college for the following spring semester.

“I spent ten days in intensive care and then two weeks as an inpatient in the Knapp Rehabilitation Center. The staff was amazing and really cared about my recovery. They helped me believe in myself. I had several surgeries, have a rod in my femur, and spent three months in a wheelchair.” But Mathieu is thankful and ready to take on the world. Read his story.

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