Don’t ignore the warning signs

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If you received a lab test result that indicated something was wrong would you ignore it? There is a common medical condition that may seem like an annoyance for men, but can actually be a warning sign of a more serious health problem that shouldn’t be ignored.

Erectile Dysfunction can be a result of high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease. It is important to identify and treat any underlying issues that may be causing it. Once more serious conditions have been ruled out, medication usually comes next – but as many as 50 percent of men do not respond to medications, so what else is there?

On Thursday, June 20, from 6-7 PM, you can attend a Free Men’s Health Seminar to meet Dr. Travis Pagliara, a Hennepin Healthcare Urologist and Men’s Health specialist to learn about several treatment options for people who suffer erectile dysfunction or male stress urinary incontinence.  Dr. Pagliara is one of the leading Men’s Health specialists in Minnesota treating erectile dysfunction and incontinence using advanced techniques, including minimally invasive robotic surgery. As a fellowship-trained surgeon and urologist, Dr. Pagliara is uniquely qualified to provide a full range of treatment options that include penile implants and artificial sphincters. At this seminar, you will also hear about a treatment journey from a patient and learn about physical therapy and other treatment options.

The free men’s health seminar will be held in the Hennepin Healthcare Clinic & Specialty Center, M. Stillman Community Education Room, Level 1, 715 S. 8th Street, Minneapolis. Free parking is available in the center.

Please RSVP online at or call 612-873-4960.

Dr. Travis Pagliara is fellowship-trained in the treatment of urethral stricture disease, urologic trauma, prosthetics for male incontinence and erectile dysfunction, and Peyronie’s disease.

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