Easing pain holistically for chronic headaches

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This fall, Hennepin Healthcare is offering a Group Medical Visit (GMV) for people who suffer from chronic headaches: “Easing Pain Holistically: Headaches.”

This eight-week series of visits will be a potentially life-changing experience for people who experience chronic headaches and the other symptoms that may come with them (fatigue, difficulty concentrating, sleep disturbances, etc). The series will focus on providing experiences, skills, and tools to retrain the nervous system, reduce inflammation, and improve pain and mobility. Each weekly visit will occur with a group of patients, a physician, and various integrative health instructors and movement specialists.

Dr. Susan Haddow who leads this session explains, “These visits give people skills to take back part of their brain that the pain has hijacked and open to more potential. Sometimes they even find they can reduce or eliminate some medications! As a provider, there is nothing better to witness. From our patients, we hear that they have new tools, new hope and often want to meet again for ongoing support.”

The group process, alongside various practices and experiences, will help patients improve their well-being, recover a sense of control in their pain journey, and connect with others experiencing chronic pain. The visits are billed to insurance as a typical doctor’s visit, and thus co-pays or other charges may apply. Thanks to grant funds from the State of MN, parking/transportation costs will be covered and a few self-care supplies will be provided.

Easing Pain Holistically: Headaches are just one example of our integrative health GMVs at Hennepin Healthcare. Group visits are a prime example of how integrative care focuses on treating the whole person with both conventional and complementary health techniques. Things like mindfulness, yoga, and meditation are practiced along with education on brain science, nutrition, and sleep. And when experienced in a supportive group setting, the whole experience becomes more joyful and fun, and all of the benefits are magnified. To find out more about GVMs at Hennepin Healthcare visit our group medical visit page and explore the many sessions offered, such as Life Beyond Cancer, Living with and Preventing Diabetes, and Recovering and Regaining Health from Covid-19.

All GVMs are open to patients and employees. “Easing Pain Holistically: Headaches” starts Fri Sept 9th and runs weekly through Oct. 28th.

  • Location: Redleaf Center for Family Healing (717 S 6th St, Mpls, MN 55415)
  • Dates: Fridays, Sept 9 – Oct 28, 2022 Time: 1:30-3:30 pm
  • Interested? Call 612-873-8048 with your name and number or email [email protected] and add “Easing Pain” in the subject line

Can’t make it? Look for future sessions with new and repeated topics.

This project is made possible by funding from the State of Minnesota.

dr susan haddow, pain management, relief from chronic headaches, holistic approach for headaches, integrative health group visit, headache alternativeSusan Haddow, MD, ABIHM, is a family medicine doctor specializing in integrative health and practices at the Whittier Clinic.


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