patient having blood pressure taken

Health Care Home

What is a Health Care Home?

In a certified Health Care Home clinic, your care is person and family-centered. Your care is coordinated in a culturally appropriate way that values your individual healthcare needs.

What does a Health Care Home provide?

A Health Care Home provides all types of care such as:

  • Routine check ups on life-long health issues like high blood sugar or high blood pressure.
  • Preventative care to keep up health and promote wellness. This includes yearly health exams, vaccines, health screenings and more.
  • Same day care for minor illnesses or injuries such as a sore throat, cold and flu, muscle strains and sprains or ear infections.
  • Medication management and refills.
  • Referrals to experts and community services.

How does a Health Care Home work?

Your primary care clinic is your "home" for your healthcare. You have an ongoing relationship with your main provider and your care team. This personal relationship is focused on you as a whole person, not just one worry or one health problem. You are involved in the choices made about your care. The people you count on to support you can be involved in those choices too.

What will my care team do for me?

Your care team will help you meet your health goals. they will support your unique needs such as:

  • Help connect you to resources for rides to your visits.
  • Teach you how to care for yourself and handle your illnesses.
  • Link you with others that will help with things like food, clothes, jobs and bills.

What can I do to help myself?

  • Bring a list of your top questions or concerns to talk about at each visit.
  • Be open and honest about your health habits.
  • Talk about your health goals and follow through on recommendations.
  • Ask yourself, can I answer these 3 questions?
    • What is my main problem?
    • What do I need to do?
    • Why is it important for me to do it?
  • Your healthcare team is also available by phone or MyChart.