How to make more breast milk for your baby

Are you worried about making enough milk?

Talk with your doctor or lactation expert for help. Here are some helpful ways to make more milk:

  • Breastfeed each time your baby is hungry. Offer both breasts for each feeding. Let baby empty one breast first, then offer the second.
  • Switch nurse. Each time baby falls asleep or stops switch sides. Use each breast at least twice per feeding.
  • Place baby skin to skin. Place your awake baby skin to skin to allow for feeding on demand.
  • Pump every 2-3 hours or breastfeed and pump to empty breasts.
  • Use hands on pumping to maximize milk expression. See resource link below.
  • Stick to a pumping and feeding routine and express milk often.

If you do not see results right away, do not give up! These are time-tested ways to make more milk for your baby.

Take good care of yourself. Self-care impacts the amount of milk you make. Keep healthy snacks and a water bottle on hand when you feed your baby.

Print a feeding and pumping log. Track your baby’s feedings and pumping sessions to track your progress.


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