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Miland Knapp Patient Outcomes

Adolescent Cases 2019 (PDF)

In 2019, Knapp Rehab cared for 3 adolescent patients; the average age of the admitted patients was 14 years old. One patient was admitted with a traumatic brain injury and two patients were admitted with a diagnosis of multiple trauma. All three patients were discharged home from the facility. The average length of stay for adolescent patients on Knapp was 6.6 days.

Stroke Outcomes 2019 (PDF)

In 2019, 32% of the patients cared for in Knapp were there as a result of suffering a stroke. Nationally, the percent of stroke patients treated in rehabilitation centers Knapp was compared with is 24%. The average age of those we serve with stroke at Knapp is 64 compared with the national average age of stroke patients in compared facilities of 69 years.

Brain Injury Outcomes 2019 (PDF)

This brain injury information includes traumatic brain injuries and non-traumatic brain injuries including conditions such as encephalopathies caused by loss of oxygen to the brain or tumors. Combined, the traumatic and non-traumatic brain-injured individuals represented 25% of the persons served at Knapp Rehab in 2019. The average age of patients served at Knapp with a brain injury was 56. The average age of brain-injured persons nationally served in facilities that Knapp is compared with is 68 years old. Knapp served 1 adolescent between the ages 13 and 17 in 2019 for brain injury rehabilitation.

Inpatient Statistics & Outcomes 2019 (PDF)

Knapp serves an average of 300 inpatients per year. Patients aged 13 and above are admitted to the comprehensive and specialty brain injury programs; patients ages 18 and above are admitted to the stroke specialty program.

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