Knapp Patient Outcomes, 2021


2021, Knapp treated 285 patients. Compared to the nation, the mix was of a much younger age.  

By Age2

Case Mix

In 2021, Knapp treated a much higher percentage of stroke patients than the national average. Because Hennepin Healthcare is such a great leader in trauma services and care, you can see a higher percentage of trauma and traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients. 

  • MMT = Major Multiple Trauma both with and without brain or spinal cord injury.

Case Mix

Length of Stay

The length of stay (LOS) for Knapp patients in 2021 were somewhat higher for stroke, TBI and overall patients. 



In 2021, Knapp discharged less of a percentage back to the patient's home or community than the national average. More of a percentage were sent to long term care facilities and acute care (other is not represented as it is a very small n).