Undergraduate Medical Education

Medical School education and training programs and resources include Medical Students, Observers, and Shadows. Many of students attend the University of Minnesota, and others from a variety of schools from around the country.

If you are interested in these programs, information and application to these programs are accessible only via Clinician Nexus. Find specific information on regarding Medical, APP, Psychology, and Lab student programs below.


meghan walsh md contact photo

Meghan Walsh, MD is the Chief Academic Officer and Designated Institutional Officer. She oversees all of the undergraduate and graduate programs within the Office of the Medical Staff. She works primarily as an academic hospitalist in cardiology.
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Schur Howard Contact 1

Howard R. Schur, OME Operations Manager, is the GME Operations Manager for the Hennepin Healthcare's GME Programs within the Office of the Medical Director. Howard is the administrative partner for the overall management and operations of the GME Programs. Howard brings with him 40 years of health care and higher education leadership experience, with a focus on GME, education, operations, and planning.
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shanika james medical education coordinator

Shanika James is the Medical Office Specialist Sr. for undergraduate programs within the office of medical education. Shanika proudly brings with her over 15 years of healthcare experience. She works with new and returning medical students by organizing onboarding tasks and orientation, as well as overseeing external/visiting medical rotators seeking auditions within Hennepin Healthcare.
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