Internal Medicine Residency Testimonials

"Now that I’m in fellowship, I am so grateful for my training. I’ve been able to excel amongst co-fellows who trained at prestigious university programs. Some consults and questions I field as a fellow are issues I often figured out at Hennepin without involving consultants. I now recognize how much autonomy I had during residency, and how our culture of working through problems and looking for solutions without giving up or expecting someone else to fix problems for us, made us great internal medicine doctors." – Jose Henao, Infectious Disease Fellow

internal medicine resident jose heneo

"I am an immigrant, a woman, I wear a headscarf, and I am black. Throughout my training, the program and faculty made me feel like I belonged. Everyone around me helped me. I am a living example of what is so amazing about this residency."  – Alaa Ali, General Internist

internal medicine residents with alaa ali

"There is tremendous value in this program. It is hands-on. Patients are inspiring. There were innumerable role models for me to learn from and look up to. The people who work at Hennepin are like saints, they dedicate their lives."  - Richard McGowan, Hospitalist

internal medicine residents in hallway

"Residents have ownership over medical decisions.  Faculty listen to us, they appreciate our input.  There are busy days, but they prepare you for practice." - Blake Daley, Hospitalist

internal medicine resident mask shield blake daley

"Hennepin Healthcare takes care of everyone, no one is turned away.  That was so important to me." - Istiaq Mian, Hospitalist

internal medicine doc with patient

"HCMC has the best hands-on training in Minnesota. We see more patients, we have autonomy, we run the teams. Fellows from other programs are stunned at how much ownership we have. As residents, we take great pride in our program." - Hoda Pourhassan, Oncologist

internal medicine resident hoda

"I am very happy with my training, and would definitely choose HCMC again.  The biggest strength is that staff create a warm, open environment where it’s safe to ask questions, to learn and grow as a physician.  There is no hierarchy – we are all on the same level.  Residency hasn’t been easy, but I came to work happy nearly every day." - William Sinnett, General Internist

internal medicine residnents at nurses station

"I really enjoyed my residency. I am proud of my training. The ultrasound education was excellent and prepared me for fellowship. I’m totally comfortable practicing independently and caring for sick patients."  - Ali Jazayeri, Cardiologist

internal medicine residents at nurses station

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