Physical Therapy

l kallman running by lake, running injury, plantar fasciitis, foot brace, treatment for foot pain, foot arch pain

L. Kallman

I’ve always been a runner. It’s the only activity that really makes me feel like I’ve had a good workout. But after a long run around the lake, I started to get a pain in the arch of my left foot. I thought maybe I needed to do more stretching, and I checked runners’ websites…

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L. Larson

I just wanted to share my appreciation for Angela Reed. She was an incredible help to me through a difficult recovery after having my baby, and through my second pregnancy and postpartum as well. Angela was incredibly kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and so skilled as a physical therapist. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate…

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JC jumping for joy on baseball field


This past spring I went outside to play catch with my teenage son. After a few throws, my right shoulder wouldn’t get loose. It just didn’t feel right. As an athlete my entire life, you just know when something is a little off with your equipment. This troubled me because I still enjoy pitching competitively…

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